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Interview With Dotcom [EDM Sauce Exclusive]

Dotcom, a rising artist in dubstep has taken the time to speak with us today at EDM Sauce. Last week, Dotcom released his remix of Zedd's ‘Stay The Night' featuring Hayley Williams. This song has quickly gained a lot of attention on his SoundCloud and can be found below in the article. Directly below is our interview with Dotcom and a few interesting questions we decided to ask this amazing artist.

EDM Sauce: What influenced you to get into EDM than a different genre?

Dotcom: Its funny because I've always done some type of music that was relevant to my life. As soon as EDM started getting bigger, before it blew up, I realized I wanted to try to make the music and started DJing parties. At the time it wasn't the “cool” thing to do yet. EDM took off and I started my mashups and I ended up being really good at it. Ever since then I fell in love with it.

EDM Sauce: What sets your music apart from other artists?

Dotcom: That’s a hard question. I tend to build my songs around a driving bass-line and influences that I have acquired from my musical life. Pop, punk melodies on top of the heavy dubstep sounds. I just bring different elements of music into my approach.

EDM Sauce: Who was/is your largest influence?

Dotcom: Dillon Francis is my #1. I think he is… Well I know he is a genius. Honestly, Skrillex; when I started making mashups as cliche as that is. He made me realize that there is a lot of room for talented songwriters in EDM. ‘With You, Friends' is a long song but it has a huge amount of musicianship in it.

EDM Sauce: What was your reaction when you realized people were liking your music?

Dotcom: Its funny but I haven’t really realized it yet. I see the numbers and everything but it still doesn't seem real. I'm in disbelief. It might sound weird but I am my biggest fan, it's crazy that people like my music.

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EDM Sauce: What advice do you give to beginning artists?

Dotcom: This goes with everything, you go into it and see artists making it so easily and expect to produce the tracks you are hearing. My advice is you have to set so much time to producing music. You have to be very devoted and you can't expect to do it immediately. This sets the successful people from others. If you want it to happen, it will happen.

EDM Sauce: Do you have anything new in the works you can tell us at EDM Sauce about? New originals, etc?

Dotcom: Today, I have a new original following the ‘twerk' movement called ‘Dumptruck'. It will be premiered through Victor Niglio's Diplo and Friends Mix on BBC Radio 1 and 1 Extra. As soon as you called, I was working on a Krewella remix. It really showcases my production skills and I'm really pumped about it and it's halfway done. So hopefully it will release next Wednesday.

A personal note from Dotcom to all of you here at EDM Sauce:
Look for an EP very soon, maybe multiple EPs. Check out Facebook every Wednesday for Dotcom dubdays. Watch for collaborations coming up in trap and twerk, around 100BPM.

EDM Sauce would like to thank Dotcom for allowing us this great interview. Make sure you check out his new remix of ‘Stay The Night' below!

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