EDM Definitions

If you’re like one of the millions of people who consider this whole genre ‘Techno’ this guide is definitely for you. Now this is not fully complete, but it is a great rough guide of the different styles of music within the Electro Scene.

What Is EDM?

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What is EDM?


– House music originated in the 1980’s in Chicago, Illinois. After having success in the mid 90’s, house music grew larger with the wave of Progressive House. It is known to be the most ‘human’ sounding music of all of the genres. It is also the most popular and most used in the Top 40 mixes, because of it’s catchy tunes. Famous House DJs are Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki and Tiesto (formerly focused on trance).


– Trance is one of the most emotional jerking genres because of its melodic tunes and it’s repetitive synths. Trance originated in the 1990’s and is usually characterized to be between 125 and 150 beats per minute.


– Electro is short for electro-funk or electro-boogie and was influenced by the TR-808 drum machines and funk sampling. Song usually feature drum machines and heavy electronic sounds. Electro usually does not consist of vocals unless they are distorted.


– Unfortunately most noobs think of our music as a genre as techno. Typically this genre is considered to be EDM or Electronic Dance Music. Techno is a form of EDM that emerged in Detroit, Michigan in the late 1980’s. Techno is generally a repetitive beat in common time (4/4). The tempo is generally (120-150 BPM) and generally uses drum machines, digital workstations and synthesizers.


– Dubstep originated in South London at around the year 1998. Dubstep is known to be “tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, occasional vocals, and clipped samples.” In 2011, Skrillex and other artists such as Rusko and Datsik have gained the appeal to people in the US market by introducing a post-dubstep style known as brostep. Brostep is known to be “lurching and agressive.”


– Moombahton is a mix of house mix and reggaeton. This genre was made famous by American DJ and Producer Dave Nada in 2010. Moobahton is very close to dutch house and electro house, but at the tempo of reggaeton (108-112 BPM).

Trip Hop

– Trip hop is the downtempo electronic music which originated in the 1990s. It is known as the post-acid house music which is a variant of soul, jazz and funk.