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Sonny Moore's First CD before Skrillex and FFTL [Bonus Song]

Sonny Moore’s First CD before Skrillex and FFTL

Someone who used to know Sonny Moore aka Skrillex in high school has posted a picture of the CD that Sonny produced before there even was "Skrillex" "At Risk" "Hazel-rah" "FFTL" or "The Riots."...

Skrillex’ Hair Lights on Fire During Birthday Celebration

Sonny Moore aka Skrillex was the guest of honor at a private birthday party that took place in Hollywood on Tuesday night. Unfortunately to Skrillex after everyone was done singing happy birthday, Skrillex' hair...

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Klipr Shows Off His Future Bass Banger Titled Running Back

What is going on dance music fans!? Today we are bringing you a killer, new, up and coming artist going by the name of...