Ready to launch an official remix competition? Remix competitions are a great way to gain new fans, build exposure, and connect with your fans.

As EDM Sauce has become one of the leading dance music publications, our goal is to help you increase exposure on Spotify, Apple Music, and other DSPs and to provide extra momentum for your release.

EDM Sauce’s Remix Competitions are designed to create a value between artists, labels, and up & coming talent. In exchange for you offering remixers the opportunity to officially release their remix and obtaining stems, you will receive remixes shared across the web.

In order for the remixers to download your stems, they will be required to save your song on Spotify as well as follow your artist profile on Spotify.

By choosing EDM Sauce for your remix competition, you will get:

  • Setup & Hosting of the remix competition
  • Custom branded page
  • Artist & Fan Support
  • Spotify Fan Gate
  • Social Media Posts
  • Banner Ad Promoting The Competition on EDM Sauce for 2 Weeks ($500 Value)
  • Winning Remix Song Premiere on EDM Sauce ($80 Value)

*** Please make sure your song is an original and that you have the proper permissions from your label.



Remix Competition

Price: $999
Limited Time Sale: $595

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