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Want to Become Sponsored on EDM Sauce? EDM Sauce has recently implemented the Sponsored Up and Comer Artist section, where you will 100% be guaranteed a blog post about your track.

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Want to Become A Sponsored Artist on EDM Sauce? EDM Sauce has recently implemented the Sponsored Up & Coming Artist Of The Week. The sponsored artist will be posted as a widget on every page of our website. We will include a repost on our SoundCloud, favorite your song on SoundCloud, and post the artist to our website which will include a published song review and feature f the artist on our website. We will also tweet this to our 55,000 followers and a post to our EDM Sauce Collective page which has more than 2,500 likes.

For $297, we guarantee that your artist will be featured on EDM Sauce!



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Our new solutions will help with featured placement on EDM Sauce and being featured elsewhere.

Spotify Playlisting Services

This playlisting service helps connect artists to some of the world’s top playlist curators.

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Learn how to create your own custom website with our unique tutorial featuring hosting and themes.

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Armin Van Buuren Production Course

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Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week

What is going on dance music nation? We are so happy to bring you only the BEST in up and coming music, and today...