Stephen Swartz

Stephen Swartz – Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora)

Stephen Swartz is a 20 year old songwriter and producer out of Miami, Florida. The past two years he was writing and performing hip-hop, pop, rock and reggae for other artists but was caught...
Vote or Die

Vote Or Die: DJ Mag Top 100

Remember the horrible campaign back in the day where they hired all of these rappers and famous celebrities to tell people to go vote, but then asked who they voted for, most of them...
Shut Your Trap! Mini-Mix 2012 (Trap Mixtape)

Shut Your Trap! Mini-Mix 2012 (Trap Mixtape)

We know Trap is the biggest thing to hit the EDM world lately, so when we saw this mix from Danny Grooves we know we had to share it. Trap is the mix of...
Wub Wub Wednesdays

DJ Fresh ft. Dizzee Rascal – The Power (Datsik Remix)

Let's get this party started with a remix of Datsik of DJ Fresh featuring Dizzee Rascal's "The Power." This song incorporates a great blend of Moombah as well as Dubstep. Enjoy #wubwubwednesday today!

Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Better Half Of Me (NoMosk Bootleg)

Here is a rare occurence, when a DJ as big as Dash Berlin, gives away a free download. Here is a beautiful remix of Dash Berlin's Better Half Of Me by NoMosk. The vocals...

Skrillex Takes on South America For The First Time

As I was laying in bed listening to my neighbors play their obnoxiously loud bongo drums and terrible singing, I started browsing youtube only to find Skrillex' newest video where he takes on South...
Above and Beyond

Above & Beyond Tribute To Fans: Small Moments Like These

Above & Beyond has just released a video thank their fans for the "Small Moments Like These." This is a great video from A&B as they truly express their love for their fans. One...
Usher - Climax (Feature Cuts Remix)

Usher – Climax (Prod By Diplo) (Paper Diamond Remix)

Paper Diamond, otherwise known as The King of Turntable, has joined in on the remix game of Usher's "Climax." If you haven't heard much of PD's remixes before you won't be disappointed! Free Download
Neffmau5 Collection

Deadmau5 Set to Launch ‘Neffmau5’ Clothing Line with Neff Headware

According to The Rolling Stones, Deadmau5, one of EDM's most famous and controversial Artists is launching his own clothing line with Neff Headware. They plan on adapting the famous Deadmau5 ears onto the Neff...
EDC Festival

Don’t Be This Person at The Festival

EDM has always been associated with the term PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) and while PLUR still exists, there has been much criticism about the following videos and people not acting with PLUR. I...