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MitiS & MaHi - Sky (Original Mix)

Dope Arcade – Ascension (MitiS Remix)

MitiS is one of those artists that every time he releases a new track, it is instantly a must listen for me. Here his newest remix of Dope Arcade's "Ascension" will explain why this...
OVERPLAY - Snack Wrap

OVERPLAY – Snack Wrap

Have you been feeling a little out of place lately? Too many foods but just never enough time? If so, then today's a good day to introduce you to one of the latest bass...

Naderi Drops Astounding Big Gigantic “All Of Me” Remix

The powerhouse producer Naderi has a habit of giving high-profile songs an upgrade. He's recently released his remix of Big Gigantic's hit "All Of Me", and it's an intense take on the chilled-out original. He weaves...

Crush SoCal, Not Just for the Lovers

The atmosphere around the NOS Events Center was filled with love and good energy as hundreds gathered to hear the heart-pounding beats during Insomniac's annual Crush SoCal. This year's line-up included Slander, Unlike Pluto,...

Kaskade & Project 46 – Last Chance (Dirtyphonics Remix) [Pete Tong Rip]

Leave it to the French quartet with Dirty in the name to work some grime into Kaskade & Project 46's "Last Chance." The once dreamy 'big room' house track is metabolized by Dirtyphonics into...
Silent Killer Drum N Bass

Activate the Collapse of History (Silent Killer & Breaker Duo Mix)

Confession: I troll not only soundcloud, but also the Facebook groups for Dubstep, Drum N Bass, and Electro Producers. This was one of the tracks I stumbled upon, and had to post it. Silent...
Terravita -Are You Ready For Me

Terravita – Are You Ready For Me

Terravita is out with a big new drumstep/dubstep track called "Are You Ready For Me." This track includes the signature rapping over the sick drops. Terravita has included a a free download. Free Download

INF1N1TE — Sin City [free download]

INF1N1TE has released a new track, "Sin City," most likely in light of the recent release of 'A Dame To Kill For'. While the track isn't particularly revolutionary, "Sin City" delivers a refined example of the energetic, spastic,...
ShockOne & Metrik - Lazerbeam (feat. Kyza)

ShockOne & Metrik – Lazerbeam (feat. Kyza)

Here's a brand new dnb/drumstep track by ShockOne & Metrik featuring the powerful vocals of Kyza. The track "Lazerbeam" was aired as a world exclusive and features a lot of big builds and drops....
Krewella - One Minute (DotEXE's Dopest Dope Remix)

Krewella – One Minute (DotEXE’s Dopest Dope Remix)

DotEXE has just released his Dopest Dope Remix of Krewella's "One Minute." This drumstep song really is dope and I'm 6 to midnight right now. This is a hot track that is being released...

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