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BCee – Thanks For Joining Us

Out right now through Spearhead Records is the new extensive collection from label head BCee, who has produced the "Thanks For Joining Us" LP. Known for his expressive production style and awesome melodic tones,...
Liquid Dnb

Of Ghost – Ever Change (Liquid Drum and Bass)

Of Ghost has made my morning 100 times better with his new release called "Ever Change" which is a beautiful Liquid Drum and Bass track. Let this song help sooth your start to your...
Burial - Shell Of Light Live Edit (Cut From All Burial Mix)

Burial – Shell Of Light Live Edit (Cut From All Burial Mix)

Here's a new track which was cut from the "All Burial Mix" by Sorrow. The track "Shell of Light" is a magical and beautiful track chill track to help start your morning.
Rameses B

Rameses B – Meaning Of Life

Liquicity has uploaded a new liquid dnb track by Rameses B called "Meaning Of Life" which is 1 of 4 tracks on Rameses B's new EP called 'Pure.' 'Pure' features "Meaning of Life," "Safe...

5 Albums You Should Be Listening To Right Now!

Halfway through 2017 and it's been nothing short of a fantastic for dance music. The greatness however lies not with the names that occupy billboards or Vegas LED walls, but rather side stages and...

Drum N Bass Love – Rameses B Interview

Think all DJs love the limelight and sweating their ass off under stage lights? Think again. Rameses B, the liquid drum and bass extraordinaire, longs to compose - and one day hopes to be...

New Record Label ‘Limitless Recordings’ Releases New LP

Limitless Recordings has just released its new LP entitled "Access". Their LP features 17 of their artists and their talent in Liquid Drum and Bass. In accompaniment with their sound, they also included vocals...
Maduk & Nymfo - Crossroads

Maduk & Nymfo – Crossroads

Maduk and Nymfo have paired up on this brand new liquid drum and bass track titled "Crossroads." Here Crossroads is a shorter track than normal, but still is a great track overall. Enjoy!

SirensCeol – Nightmare (Maxin Remix)

Drum and Bass producer Maxin (aka Job Savelsberg) who is a complete newcomer to the liquid Drum and Bass scene has remixed SirensCeol's dubstep track "Nightmare" and turned a into a feather light Dream....

Upcoming AMA With Netsky This Sunday

Popular DnB Producer Netsky will be jumping on the AMA bandwagon and having his own Ask Me Anything live on Reddit this weekend. Although he may be still considered a newer face to...

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Matt Barri Release Incredible Future Pop Track with Emilie Brandt

What is up dance music fans? We hope you're having a fantastic start to your weekend this Friday morning, we sure are! It's new...