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Liquid DnB

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chick friendly dubstep

Dubstep is for Lovers

A beautiful girl meets nerdy boy. Girl falls in love. Girl discovers fatal flaw in boys personality. He likes, no, LOVES dubstep. After one particularly deafening car ride, Girl says : It's me or...
Rameses B - Forgotten Dreams (Chill Mixtape)

Rameses B – Forgotten Dreams (Chill Mixtape)

Rameses B has just released his 1.5 hour mixtape which is a very chill and soothing mix of songs. Rameses B is celebrating his 2 millionth view on youtube and in celebration is releasing...
hybrid minds

Melt into this New Liquid DnB Track from Hybrid Minds

Every morning as I turn on my work computer, my first thought is always: What kind of day is it today? A dubstep day? A chillstep day? House? Trance? MOOMBAHTON?! But after giving a...
Burial - Shell Of Light Live Edit (Cut From All Burial Mix)

Burial – Shell Of Light Live Edit (Cut From All Burial Mix)

Here's a new track which was cut from the "All Burial Mix" by Sorrow. The track "Shell of Light" is a magical and beautiful track chill track to help start your morning.
Pedestrian - Hoyle Road (SpectraSoul Remix)

Pedestrian – Hoyle Road (SpectraSoul Remix)

Yesterday the Remix EP of Pedestrian's "Hoyle Road" has been released on BornElectric, a small label from Southampton, Britain. The Original Mix is a stunning House track which was released about two weeks ago. "Hoyle...
Just Chill Out Records

Influe – Talisman (Autumn Of Chill LP)

From the 'Just Chill Out Records' Soundcloud comes Talisman by Influe. A Liquid Drum and Bass drum track to soothe the mind and bridge the gap between now and what's ahead. This comes off...

Drum & Bass Superstar Smooth Releases Free Track

Smooth is known for Drum and Bass anthems such as "Virgo Cluster" and "Cyberfunk." Smooth has just released a free track that he dedicated to Liquicity Drum & Bass community, The biggest YouTube channel...

The Upbeats – Alone EP

New Zealand's The Upbeats are proud to announce their upcoming EP Alone, to be released April 15th. This intricate drum and base multi track preview hits hard and brings magic to my ears....
Under The Radar gets liquefied

Under The Radar Gets Liquefied With EastColors And T:Base

This editorial is dedicated to putting the spotlight on artists who create amazing music but always seem to fly under the radar for most dance music lovers. With so much great talent nowadays it's easy to...
Above & Beyond - Thing Called Love (Faraway Skies Chillout Remix)

Above & Beyond – Thing Called Love (Faraway Skies Chillout Remix)

Even though this song is not brand new, this is an artist that is brand new to me and an incredible song overall, so I felt like it needed to be shared. Here is...

Sponsored Up & Coming

Twalle Gives Us Light and Hearty Kygo Remix

What's up dance music fans? We're rolling strong through Summer, hitting our favorite festivals week by week. What better way to lead off yet...