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Mr FijiWiji - Farewell

Mr FijiWiji – Farewell

Mr FijiWiji has just released this new emotional chillstep track titled "Farewell" which brings in a lot of emotions and feelings. This track incorporates mellow vocals along with a good progressive beat. Buy on...
Progressions Bioluminescence

Progressions / Bioluminescence

About two weeks ago Discus Records released a new single containing two tracks. The first one is BMotion's powerful Drum & Bass track "Progressions", which has already been played on Rinse FM 26/06/13 Hospital...
Etherwood LP

Etherwood LP

Three days ago MedSchool, Hospital Record's younger sister, released Etherwood's self-titled debut album. I first took notice of him in 2011, when MrSuicideSheep uploaded his stunning remix of Jakwob - Right Beside You. Since...

Liquicity comes back to Amsterdam

Liquicity is back! After the overwhelming first edition in March, a new date has been set for Paradiso Amsterdam. Liquicity legend Logistics, will perform back to back with Hospitals senior associate Nu:Tone. Matrix & Futurebound,...
Rameses B

Rameses B – Meaning Of Life

Liquicity has uploaded a new liquid dnb track by Rameses B called "Meaning Of Life" which is 1 of 4 tracks on Rameses B's new EP called 'Pure.' 'Pure' features "Meaning of Life," "Safe...

Mr Probz – Waves (Sektor Bootleg)

Sektor is an up and comer in the liquid drum and bass field and he has just released a gorgeous bootleg remix of Mr Probz' "Waves." This song is the perfect way to start...
Just Chill Out Records

Influe – Talisman (Autumn Of Chill LP)

From the 'Just Chill Out Records' Soundcloud comes Talisman by Influe. A Liquid Drum and Bass drum track to soothe the mind and bridge the gap between now and what's ahead. This comes off...
Keeno & Whiney – Footsteps/Learn To Grow

Keeno & Whiney – Footsteps/Learn To Grow

A couple of days ago Discus Records released Keeno & Whiney's new single "Footsteps/Learn To Grow" including the original version of both tracks featuring Louisa Bass' vocals and the instrumental mix of "Footsteps". "Footsteps" is...
Raise Spirit & Vaizo - The Landing

Raise Spirit & Vaizo – The Landing

The Landing is a free track released about one month ago. Both, the duo Raise Spirit and the producer Vaizo, are from Hungary and mostly known for their appearances on Liquicity. Besides, Vaizo already...
Tristan Prettyman - My Oh My (F3edo Remix)

Tristan Prettyman – My Oh My (F3edo Remix)

F3edo has just released a liquid dnb remix of Tristan Prettyman's "My Oh My." F3edo is an artist I started following ever since I heard his remix of "Baby Come Back." Just like the...

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