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Monstercat – Best of Drum N Bass & Drumstep, Vol. 2

Monstercat, for those of you who aren't familiar with the organization, is a label who focuses on promoting lesser known artists and exposing their work to a larger audience. They go about this in...

Frequent & Evoke – Fluidity

Feast yourself on this dark and twisty liquid drum n bass from Frequent and Evoke. Free download on soundcloud.
Commix - Fallen

Commix – Fallen

Here's a brand new release by Commix called "Fallen." If you're looking for a quick, loud and agressive dnb song then turn around right now. Commix' new song is a very ambient and soothing...
Mr FijiWiji - Farewell

Mr FijiWiji – Farewell

Mr FijiWiji has just released this new emotional chillstep track titled "Farewell" which brings in a lot of emotions and feelings. This track incorporates mellow vocals along with a good progressive beat. Buy on...

Okuli – Break Through EP

The Melbourne-based duo of Okuli is literally breaking through into the scene with this massive EP that is officially out today. There's four sweet tracks here and you'll be hooked from the start. "Convert" featuring...
Kes Kaos - Silhouettes & Shadows (Protohype Remix)

Kes Kaos – Silhouettes & Shadows (Protohype Remix)

Protohype has released this beautiful male vocal drumstep/drum n bass track which is a remix of Kes Kaos' "Silhouettes & Shadows." This is a great remix and another great hit from Protohype. Like to...

Salaryman – Nocturnal Stories

DnB artist Salaryman, based out of Lyon, France has been quite busy with all things Drum 'n Bass. Between his podcast and recent EP "Bird In The City", he surrounds himself in the sound....

Deadmau5’s “Strobe” Receives An Official Drum & Bass Remix

As deadmau5's song "Strobe" has been an iconic song in dance music's history, it's very rare that producers will choose to remix it. Today, mau5trap finally revealed to its fans the release date for the...
Helicopter Showdown - Can U Feel Me (Protohype Remix)

Helicopter Showdown – Can U Feel Me (Protohype Remix)

Here's a brand new remix by Protohype of Helicopter Showdown's "Can U Feel Me." This track has a very high BPM and is the perfect dnb/drumstep/dubstep mix. Need a wake up track, then this...
Mimi Page

Hybrid Minds – Starlet ft. Mimi Page (Phil Tangent Remix)

Fresh remix of Hybrid Minds - Starlet is ridiculously chill. We've been fans of the ethereal vocals of Mimi Page for a couple of years now, and although her voice is typically on dubstep...

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With a name after a creature just as big as his sound, Wooli is quicking rising in the EDM scene. His newest EP "Mammoth" just...

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