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Ravenscoon Drops ‘Rapid Eye Movements’ EP

Ravenscoon’s newest independent EP Rapid Eye Movements is bound to keep you awake at night with its sound, movements and themes centered around dreams, defining reality, and endless love. Spanning four tracks all written in the same key and BPM, Rapid Eye Movements creates a sense of unity in its uniformity, making it one long never-ending and repeating body of work, as if you are stuck in the endless loop of waking up and falling asleep.

Nystagmus” kicks off the EP featuring vocal samples from the movie “Walking Life,” introducing the theme of being awake in your dreams, but asleep in walking life.

Rebounding bass drops come in, shaking the listener awake and capturing attention spans for the rest of the EP. The second track on the EP, “Showin Out” is an assault on the senses. Full of spiraling crescendos, resounding bass lines, and otherworldly vocals, “Showin Out” will wake the mind and body up and serves as a high energy segway between “Nystagmus” and “Rapid Eye Movements.” Next, the namesake track of the EP “Rapid Eye Movements” perfectly flows from previous track “Showin Out,” introducing a breath of fresh air after the commotion of the previous two tracks. Vocal samples of “rinse that sound” repeat alongside echoing sine plucks, bringing an infectious energy to the track.

Lastly, Ravenscoon rounds out the EP with a collaboration with CASHFORGOLD, creating an immersive listening experience with “Awake.” Buttery vocals paired with Ravenscoon's signature low-tempo percussion, “Awake” takes the listener through oscillating bass and euphoric melodies that collide divinely. Clocking in at almost six minutes with a deep breakdown at the four-minute mark, CASHFORGOLD and Ravenscoon have produced a jubilant track that rounds out the tone of his fantastical EP.

Check out Ravenscoon's Rapid Eye Movements EP below on Spotify.

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