Malaa is definitely the best when it comes to bad boy personas and making a show of it. The DJ never plays a show without his infamous ski mask, giving him an air of mystery. He also has two volumes of his Illegal mixtapes which adds to the persona. How could he possibly add to it?

Last night at Bassmnt in San Diego, the masked DJ was apparently arrested midset for an unknown reason. Everything happened very quickly during the performance, so for show-goers, it seemed pretty legit.

In the videos below, Malaa is going on with his usual set when cops come on stage. The music quickly stops and the DJ is taken off stage. Another video shows him being escorted by the cop backstage.

But, fans were quick to recognize the cop in the second video. The cop is known for performing fake arrests in popular YouTube videos. So, it's easy to say that this was some sort of publicity stunt for the artist.

Now, we're just wondering if the fans were mad their show got cut off.

Watch the videos of Malaa's arrest here:

What do you think this could be a publicity stunt for?