NYC producer Antoine Cara has teamed up with fellow US native and dreamy vocalist RØDY, for a saxophone laced pop anthem “Somebody New”.

“Somebody New” has the wonderful vocals of RØDY laced over a downtempo tropical vibe that brings in some funky saxophone action on the hook. If you are looking for a tropical induced funky pop vibe, you came to the right spot because Antoine Cara & RØDY are here with!


My friends told me they saw you last night
With someone else
Was it your ex?
Tell me they're lying

I let it go one too many times
I was naive
Rather believe
Than sit here crying

Too little too late
You know who to blame
Can you feel the table turning?

I'm not feeling pain
It isn’t the same
I don’t feel the fire burning

Don’t be patient
Just start facing
How you got me getting over you

I quit waiting
I’ll be dancing
On the dance floor with somebody new

Somebody new x4

[Verse 2]
I should have known that you were no good
Until we met
You've been a wreck
And I tried to fix you

I thought you'd change but you never could
Now that you left
Me in a mess
I don't wanna miss you



With somebody new x4

Somebody new x4