Getter's latest full-length album release, Visceral was truly a standout last year. It was by far one of the most impressive electronic albums to be released in the last five years. That being said, it was quite different from anything that Getter had ever released before. This caught some longtime fans by surprise. Still, most were quite receptive to the artist's new found inspiration.

Getter has worked hard to broaden his horizons past the dubstep he was associated with when he first broke onto the scene. After a long break in production, he returned producing a wide range of genres including ambient, downtempo tunes to full-on rap tracks featuring his alter-ego Terror Reid on the vocals.

When Getter announced his Visceral Tour, which was in direct support of his new album of the same name, it was assumed that it would be a bit different than his previous tours. The city of Houston last weekend did not appreciate the obvious fact that Getter has gone in a new direction. In a display of poor taste, the crowd booed Getter for not playing a set of all-out dubstep bangers.

It would probably help if the fans who decided to spread hate that night actually took the time to listen to anything Getter has put out in the last year. Of course, Getter had an excellent response to the haters – making it known that regardless of the poor opinion of a minority, he has found a type of music that makes him authentically happy to produce. No matter what, he is going to continue to create the music that makes him happy.

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