It is known that Southern Florida is a hub for retirees. Unfortunately, it seems that thousands of residents in the city of Miami have so little to do; they fill their time by filing somewhat laughable lawsuits. While at this point, all are familiar with the fact that Ultra was ousted from its longstanding home at BayFront Park and moved to Virginia Key due to a public outcry and subsequent city council vote, many residents of the city are still unhappy that the event is taking place at all.

A new lawsuit was threatened last week by the Brickell Homeowner Association who claim the new Ultra contract is being deemed a license instead of a lease. The group which speaks for 35,000 residents (almost 7% of the city's population) claims that the event license is a lease. While the distinction might seem to be based in semantics, there is a very real legal difference.

The Miami Herald writes, “The distinction is important because a lease would require the city to open a public bid before awarding a contract. The attorney representing the Brickell homeowners, David Winker, said in a statement that the lawsuit asks the court to “hold the city accountable and force it to follow its laws regarding competitive bidding and participation of its citizens in the process.”

By making the Ultra contract a license, it forgoes public participation in the legal process. Above all, it is expected that this new case will be thrown out if it makes its way to the courts. While Ultra does cause some internal issues in Miami due to a massive influx of visitors, the festival does more good than harm. It stimulates the Miami economy more than any other event throughout the year. So while some residents may never be happy, for the time being, they will have to trade one week of noise for millions upon millions in economic benefit.

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