Netflix and Hulu duked it out last week, both releasing their own documentaries about the ill-fated, supposedly ultra-lux festival, Fyre Festival. Both documentaries explain at length that many parties were involved in the creation of the Fyre Festival.

Specifically, it explains how so many individuals could be complicit in an event that seemed doomed from the start. For the most part, the explanation is simple – Billy McFarland had quite a cult of personality and seemed to be an expert conman. He had several ventures which were less than authentic, but still somehow turned a profit without major consequence.

One thing that makes Fyre Festival so different from Billy's other “ventures” was the involvement of Ja Rule. Ja Rule is seen and heard in the Netflix documentary explaining that “they did not commit fraud, maybe just false advertising”. This sentiment – is suspicious at best, and caught the attention of many viewers who came at the now disgraced mogul over twitter.

Ja's responses got awkward and a bit desperate unfortunately fast. See his uh receipt based defense below. What are your thoughts, with Mcfarland serving 6 years in federal prison, should Ja Rule get away with no consequences besides humiliation?

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