FANNYPACK Drops Groovy R&B Tune “Just A Bitch”

With their second release on Strange Fruits, Dance-pop duo FANNYPACK is back again with another groovy vocally charged dance-pop R&B track, “Just A Bitch”.

After working on “Simple” together with RyU and Fiction it was only right to do a new studio session with them.

We met at a diner in North Hollywood, California and after eating some really yummy food we felt inspired and drove to the studio.

RyU had a cool melody in his head and after he layed it down we started working on the sound. We felt like it needed to be a soft plucky sound to make space for Fiction's vocals. Fiction started writing right away and he wrote this amazing song about a guy who gets his heart broken many times by his girlfriend, but he keeps going back to her.

After returning back home to the Netherlands Buju and I locked ourselves into the studio and worked on the production. To complement the story we made the instrumental build up all the way to the end of the track and concluded the story with a very vibey drop. The track has a 3-phased build up which is unconventional, but we really love how it accentuates the story here. The whole production including the vocal recordings took less than a day, it felt right from start to finish.

“Just A Bitch” is the perfect mix of dance music, pop music, and R&B. With a groovy melody through the song and some super catchy lyrics, “Just A Bitch” has all the elements for a radio hit. Check out this catchy little number below!