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US Court Approves Subpoenas For Talent Agencies While Investigating Fyre Festival Wire Fraud

The fire of Fyre Festival has been reignited this week after Hulu jumped the queue and debuted their documentary about the festival the same day as Netflix was holding a press day for there's. Effectively beating them to the punch. Naturally, both sides have some mixed feelings about their competitor's documentary.

The drama about the Netflix doc comes from the fact that it was co-produced by Jerry Media (@FuckJerry) who helped promote the festival. Some individuals, including the Hulu doc itself, claim that Jerry Media had an idea that they were selling snake oil, and that the Netflix doc was an attempt to save face with ethical complications.

On the other side of the court, Hulu is under fire for paying Fyre Festival Founder, the convicted felon Billy McFarland, reportedly close to a quarter of a million dollars for an exclusive interview. The ethical implications of paying a man who defrauded millions from investors is not the best look.

Despite all the drama, one thing stands true – the Documentaries are making (and will make) the streaming services millions.

New Developements

The US Bankruptcy Courts have approved subpoenas for talent agencies such as Paradigm, Creative Artist's Agency, and ICM Partners. The reason McFarland was arrested and eventually convicted of felony offenses were due to the fact he committed federal wire fraud. Still over $1.4 million of money is still missing from investors, and investigators believe some of that money is sitting with the talent agencies.

In order to book acts including Blink-182, Migos, Major Lazer and Disclosure, Fyre Festival paid massive deposits ranging from $250,000 up to nearly $700,000. Reports say that the money that was sent to the talent agencies, needs to be returned as those artists never set foot on stage.

This story is still developing.

Source: EDMTunes

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