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Wolfgang Gartner Releases His Best Productions Yet In New 6-Track EP – ‘Medicine’

Having a style entirely your own is something rare in the world of dance music today. With more artists than ever before finding success in production, it is hard to carve out a niche that is not quickly replicated. That being said, no other artist has found success producing in the style of Wolfgang Gartner. Even after a few years of nothing more than sporadic releases, Gartner has held tightly onto his unmistakable brand of complex electro.

In his latest release, a 6-track EP entitled Medicine Wolfgang Gartner has returned to the style which helped him become of the most renowned producers in the early 2010's. Medicine not only sees a return to former glory for Wolfgang but also demonstrates that he is more than capable of merging his style with the popular trends of today.

Woflgang Gartner – Medicine

While we have heard a few tunes off of Medicine in the form of singles, being able to listen to all 6-tracks together in a coherent package is nothing short of spectacular.

The first three tunes on the EP: ‘Excalibur', ‘Good Medicine' and ‘Deja Vu', all are produced in the style that millions have come to associate Wolfgang with for a decade now. The closing three tunes on the record: ‘Make It Clap', ‘Bumblebee' and ‘This Is Your Life', explore somewhat new territory for the producer.

In these closing three tracks, Wolfgang works with bass house elements in varying intensities. While ‘Bumblebee' is nothing short of an all-out assault of bass house, ‘This Is Your Life' finds more common ground between the Gartner's usual productions and the sounds of today.

Overall Wolfgang Gartner has made a very strong statement with his latest EP. One that says he is back and better than ever, and producers of today need to step up their game or risk getting left in WG's dust.

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