Nile Rodgers is one of the most accomplished producers of all time. While Rodgers is best known in the EDM world for his work with Daft Punk of their Grammy award-winning effort Random Access Memories, he has been cranking out chart-topping hits for well over three decades now.

In a recent interview with London's The Sun Rodgers explained that he is currently sitting on at least 10 collaborations with Avicii. The news comes as a heartbreak of sorts, as Avicii tragically passed away almost six months ago.

Unreleased Avicii Collaborations

Many artists have come forward since Tim's death revealing that they have tracks that never saw the light of day featuring the legendary producer. One of which was an ill-fated attempt at publicity from now shamed producer Starkillers.

Rodgers further explained that he is working diligently with Avicii's family and labels in order to have his collabs released to the public. Reading a snippet from Rodgers interview below.

“I’ve just been contacted about putting out my stuff, but I’ve got to see how it is because I was very close to Tim and the music we didn’t put out was extraordinary. He was blown away, as was I.

“But, because of what I know, which I will not talk about, I want to make sure that whatever work I do would be to the benefit of the people Tim would want that project to benefit.”

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