Daft Punk and The Weeknd made serious waves when the artists announced a series of collaborations. The main record which the trio produced together was ‘Starboy'. It was a chart-topping hit that has been streamed well over 1 billion times on Spotify alone. Now both Daft Punk and The Weeknd are facing a lawsuit for $5 million claiming they ripped the song off from a 2009 track known as ‘Hooyo' by Yasminah.

While you may not immediately be familiar with the vocalist bringing litigation against the superstars, other individuals have recognized similarities. Magnetic Mag found two blog posts which were noted in the lawsuit as examples of the two song's similarities.

I will be honest…I hear a similarity but am not sure if there is enough there to warrant $5 million. That being said Yasminah does have a silver bullet for the case. Two of her producers on ‘Hooyo' have already settled out of court for the similarities and been paid an undisclosed amount. Will she be able to get the same treatment? Only time will tell. For now, check out both songs below.


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