Lost Lands is taking place this weekend and by all accounts, the second edition of the festival has been a tremendous success. Well for almost all attendees except for one. A post has gone viral on Facebook from a resident of Thornville, Ohio who has an unexpected run-in with one attendee who let the festival get the best of him.

Naked Man Detained One Mile From Lost Lands Grounds

The post states that a man reportedly left the festival grounds (in what we expect to be a drug-fueled psychosis), stripped naked and was found on the porch of a resident who lives one mile away from the festival venue, Legend Valley.

The neighbor caught footage of the man on his front porch via a camera from his smart doorbell. Soon the man ran next door and was detained by the gentleman's neighbors before being arrested. Obviously, this one instance does not reflect the attendees of Lost Lands as a whole who have gone out of their way to clean the grounds of the festival and be courteous to the neighbors of the venue.

Still, sometimes festival life can get the best of you. Check out the full post with pictures (and some back nudity) below, use the side arrows to navigate the gallery.

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