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David Guetta officially announces alias ‘Jack Back’ with New Mixtape

Sparking rumors over the last couple of weeks after the release of ‘Overtone’ and ’(It Happens) Sometimes', David Guetta is now announcing his alias ‘Jack Back’ both as a label and an artist with the release of the Jack Back Mixtape.

Guetta’s upcoming album ‘7’ represents the many different sides of his musical journey. Before he was a household name he spent his days in the underground scene, playing in clubs only. Returning to this other, deeper side of him, he is announcing Jack Back – both as a label and as an artist.

David Guetta said the following during an exclusive in depth interview with Pete Tong: ’’7″ represents a full cycle to me and that’s why I wanted to go back to the beginning of the cycle. I originally started in underground house music, playing all the raves and underground clubs in Paris. I wanted to make music just for fun, with absolutely no commercial approach to it. I want to make every type of music that I like, I’m doing it for the love of music.’’.

Tune in to Pete Tong’s radio show at BBC R1 from 9PM to listen to the full interview between David and Pete Tong about Jack Back and more.

‘7’ includes a second component with 12 tracks produced as Jack Back which are all featured in the mixtape.

1. Jack Back – Reach For Me
2. David Guetta & Cece Rogers – Freedom
3. Jack Back – Grenade
4. Jack Back – Inferno
5. Jack Back – Overtone
6. Jack Back – Back and Forth
7. Jack Back – Pelican
8. Jack Back – Afterglow
9. Jack Back – Think Think Think
10. Jack Back – Orion
11. Jack Back – What 2 Say
12. David Guetta (feat. Chris Willis) – Just a Little More Love (Jack Back 2018 remix)

Jack Back – Mixtape

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