I remember back in the day. Getting home from school, making some bagel bites and turning on MTV. Obviously, the go-to show was TRL. And it seemed like for an entire year, Papa Roach's classic tune ‘Last Resort' was in the top 10. The angst-filled, angry lyrics spoke to my pre-teen soul in a way no other music did at the time. Then it would change over to some Brittany Spears song and the vibe would be ruined. If you remember these glory days of rock and MTV than Kayzo has dropped a gem of a remix for you.

Papa Roach – Last Resort (Kayzo Remix)

Yesterday, after a week filled with social media teasers, Kayzo uploaded his remix of Papa Roach's ‘Last Resort' to Soundcloud. While the original was already plenty intense, Kayzo has kicked it up a notch. His edit of the track has turned the tune into a full-on assault of bass. This remix is absolutely brutal.

He still keeps the energy and soul of the original by letting the refrain and verses surface in between crashing bass interludes. Overall this is a remix that is going to absolutely go OFF at live shows. Get ready to hear this one all summer long on main stages around the world. Kayzo continues his rise to the top of the bass scene with each release. We are excited to see what comes next from him as 2018 pushes on. Check out the remix below.

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