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EDC Las Vegas 2018
EDC Las Vegas 2018
Photo Credit: Stephen Bondio for Insomniac

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EDC Las Vegas 2018 Set Times, Maps and Directions

EDC Las Vegas is just days away and we can't wait to join you under the electric sky once again. As we near Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, Insomniac Events has been releasing more and more information for this year's flagship festival, including the EDC Las Vegas 2018 Set Times.

With EDC Las Vegas taking place from May 18 to May 20th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, parking lots will open every day at 2pm.

In addition to all of the set times by stages, days, and artists below, be sure to download the EDC Las Vegas 2018 app in the Google Play Store and iTunes store.

EDC Las Vegas 2018 Set Times By Stages and Days

ArtistStageDaySet Time
DombreskykineticFIELDFriday7:00 PM
Firebeatz vs. DubVisionkineticFIELDFriday8:13 PM
JOYRYDEkineticFIELDFriday9:25 PM
Dimitri Vegas & Like MikekineticFIELDFriday10:43 PM
KaskadekineticFIELDFriday11:58 PM
DiplokineticFIELDFriday1:35 AM
SlushiikineticFIELDFriday3:04 AM
Alan WalkerkineticFIELDFriday4:18 AM
MoksikineticFIELDSaturday7:00 PM
Chris LakekineticFIELDSaturday8:13 PM
JauzkineticFIELDSaturday9:25 PM
KygokineticFIELDSaturday10:43 PM
TiëstokineticFIELDSaturday11:58 PM
MarshmellokineticFIELDSaturday1:35 AM
NGHTMREkineticFIELDSaturday3:04 AM
Vini VicikineticFIELDSaturday4:18 AM
spaceprodigikineticFIELDSunday7:00 PM
MercerkineticFIELDSunday8:11 PM
Don DiablokineticFIELDSunday9:23 PM
SlanderkineticFIELDSunday10:41 PM
ZeddkineticFIELDSunday11:56 PM
Dash BerlinkineticFIELDSunday1:11 AM
Seven LionskineticFIELDSunday2:16 AM
AfrojackkineticFIELDSunday3:16 AM
Chris Lake b2b FisherkineticFIELDSunday4:16 AM
ADINcosmicMEADOWFriday4:00 PM
Chris Lake b2b Chris LorenzocosmicMEADOWFriday5:00 PM
ParkercosmicMEADOWFriday7:00 PM
GG MagreecosmicMEADOWFriday8:00 PM
WhethancosmicMEADOWFriday9:00 PM
Mike WiLL Made-ItcosmicMEADOWFriday10:00 PM
Jai WolfcosmicMEADOWFriday11:00 PM
San HolocosmicMEADOWFriday12:00 AM
SnailscosmicMEADOWFriday1:00 AM
BorgorecosmicMEADOWFriday2:15 AM
LoudpvckcosmicMEADOWFriday3:15 AM
GettercosmicMEADOWFriday4:15 AM
Bix KingcosmicMEADOWSaturday4:00 PM
AC SlatercosmicMEADOWSaturday5:00 PM
DabincosmicMEADOWSaturday7:00 PM
KittenscosmicMEADOWSaturday8:00 PM
London On Da TrackcosmicMEADOWSaturday9:00 PM
Ookay (Live)cosmicMEADOWSaturday10:00 PM
EkalicosmicMEADOWSaturday11:05 PM
IlleniumcosmicMEADOWSaturday12:20 AM
Zeds DeadcosmicMEADOWSaturday1:30 AM
KayzocosmicMEADOWSaturday2:30 AM
YultroncosmicMEADOWSaturday3:30 AM
HabstraktcosmicMEADOWSaturday4:30 AM
Alyx AndercosmicMEADOWSunday4:00 PM
MKcosmicMEADOWSunday5:00 PM
Born DirtycosmicMEADOWSunday7:00 PM
Jack BeatscosmicMEADOWSunday8:00 PM
Shiba SancosmicMEADOWSunday9:00 PM
Big WildcosmicMEADOWSunday10:00 PM
Post MalonecosmicMEADOWSunday11:00 PM
Tchami X Malaa [No Redemption]cosmicMEADOWSunday12:00 AM
Boys NoizecosmicMEADOWSunday1:00 AM
A-TrakcosmicMEADOWSunday2:15 AM
DJ MustardcosmicMEADOWSunday3:15 AM
The Binches (Dotcom, Kayzo, Ookay & Yultron)cosmicMEADOWSunday4:15 AM
RobotakicircuitGROUNDSFriday7:00 PM
Lost FrequenciescircuitGROUNDSFriday8:30 PM
Gryffin (DJ Set)circuitGROUNDSFriday9:45 PM
Claude VonStrokecircuitGROUNDSFriday10:45 PM
Virtual SelfcircuitGROUNDSFriday12:00 AM
NGHTMRE & Slander present Gud VibrationscircuitGROUNDSFriday1:30 AM
ExcisioncircuitGROUNDSFriday3:00 AM
MijacircuitGROUNDSFriday4:15 AM
Mariana BocircuitGROUNDSSaturday7:00 PM
DroeloecircuitGROUNDSSaturday8:15 PM
4BcircuitGROUNDSSaturday9:30 PM
HardwellcircuitGROUNDSSaturday10:45 PM
Armin van BuurencircuitGROUNDSSaturday12:00 AM
Yellow ClawcircuitGROUNDSSaturday1:30 AM
KSHMRcircuitGROUNDSSaturday2:45 AM
Cheat CodescircuitGROUNDSSaturday4:00 AM
ElephantecircuitGROUNDSSunday7:00 PM
BorgeouscircuitGROUNDSSunday8:15 PM
R3habcircuitGROUNDSSunday9:30 PM
RezzcircuitGROUNDSSunday10:45 PM
Eric PrydzcircuitGROUNDSSunday12:00 AM
Martin GarrixcircuitGROUNDSSunday1:30 AM
k?dcircuitGROUNDSSunday3:00 AM
BlackGummycircuitGROUNDSSunday4:15 AM
Shmitty b2b No RequestsneonGARDENFriday7:00 PM
Lauren LaneneonGARDENFriday8:00 PM
LatmunneonGARDENFriday9:15 PM
Lee FossneonGARDENFriday10:30 PM
Hot Since 82neonGARDENFriday12:00 AM
Jamie JonesneonGARDENFriday2:00 AM
Cirez DneonGARDENFriday4:00 AM
MeléneonGARDENSaturday7:00 PM
DetlefneonGARDENSaturday8:00 PM
Solardo b2b CamelPhatneonGARDENSaturday9:10 PM
TiganeonGARDENSaturday10:40 PM
The Black Madonna b2b TiganeonGARDENSaturday11:30 PM
The Black MadonnaneonGARDENSaturday12:00 AM
Gorgon CityneonGARDENSaturday1:00 AM
Green VelvetneonGARDENSaturday2:30 AM
Green Velvet b2b Gorgon City b2b DetlefneonGARDENSaturday4:30 AM
Honey SoundsystemneonGARDENSunday7:00 PM
Paul WoolfordneonGARDENSunday8:30 PM
AdriatiqueneonGARDENSunday10:00 PM
Maceo PlexneonGARDENSunday12:00 AM
Loco DiceneonGARDENSunday2:00 AM
Charlotte de WitteneonGARDENSunday4:00 AM
Fury b2b FallenbassPODFriday7:00 PM
Ivy LabbassPODFriday8:30 PM
Yheti b2b ToadfacebassPODFriday9:30 PM
Calyx & TeeBee b2b BreakbassPODFriday10:30 PM
Boogie T b2b SquntobassPODFriday11:30 PM
HerobustbassPODFriday12:30 AM
G Jones b2b EprombassPODFriday1:30 AM
Flux Pavilion b2b Doctor PbassPODFriday2:30 AM
Pendulum (DJ Set)bassPODFriday3:30 AM
EpticbassPODFriday4:30 AM
Blankface b2b Svgmaze b2b BloodThinnerz b2b DefinitivebassPODSaturday7:00 PM
Shimon b2b Benny LbassPODSaturday8:30 PM
Space JesusbassPODSaturday9:30 PM
Loadstar b2b Mind VortexbassPODSaturday10:30 PM
Crankdat b2b Dirty AudiobassPODSaturday11:30 PM
SayMyNamebassPODSaturday12:30 AM
GTAbassPODSaturday1:30 AM
Excision (Detox Set)bassPODSaturday2:30 AM
Andy CbassPODSaturday3:30 AM
Gentlemens ClubbassPODSaturday4:30 AM
Nightstalker b2b SoothslayerbassPODSunday7:00 PM
Drumsound & Bassline Smith b2b Tantrum DesirebassPODSunday8:30 PM
AFK b2b Svdden DeathbassPODSunday9:30 PM
The Prototypes b2b TCbassPODSunday10:30 PM
Spag HeddybassPODSunday11:30 PM
Black Tiger Sex MachinebassPODSunday12:30 AM
12th Planet b2b Kill The NoisebassPODSunday1:30 AM
ZomboybassPODSunday2:30 AM
DJ Hype b2b HazardbassPODSunday3:30 AM
Dubloadz b2b MonxxbassPODSunday4:30 AM
GaneshquantumVALLEYFriday7:00 PM
Sam JonesquantumVALLEYFriday8:00 PM
AnimatoquantumVALLEYFriday9:00 PM
Jordan Suckley presents 3FECTquantumVALLEYFriday10:00 PM
Cold BluequantumVALLEYFriday11:00 PM
ALPHA 9quantumVALLEYFriday12:00 AM
Dash Berlin (Classics Set)quantumVALLEYFriday1:00 AM
AstrixquantumVALLEYFriday2:30 AM
John 00 FlemingquantumVALLEYFriday3:30 AM
AvalonquantumVALLEYFriday4:30 AM
Spencer BrownquantumVALLEYSaturday7:00 PM
Oliver SmithquantumVALLEYSaturday9:00 PM
Gabriel & DresdenquantumVALLEYSaturday10:00 PM
GrumquantumVALLEYSaturday11:00 PM
Andrew BayerquantumVALLEYSaturday12:00 AM
Ilan BluestonequantumVALLEYSaturday1:30 AM
Jason RossquantumVALLEYSaturday3:00 AM
Genix b2b Sunny LaxquantumVALLEYSaturday4:30 AM
OmairquantumVALLEYSunday7:00 PM
Arkham KnightsquantumVALLEYSunday8:15 PM
Roger Shah (Live)quantumVALLEYSunday9:30 PM
Cosmic GatequantumVALLEYSunday11:00 PM
ATBquantumVALLEYSunday12:00 AM
Ferry CorstenquantumVALLEYSunday1:30 AM
Paul van DykquantumVALLEYSunday2:30 AM
Markus SchulzquantumVALLEYSunday3:30 AM
BlastoyzquantumVALLEYSunday4:30 AM
KeijiwasteLANDFriday7:00 PM
PulsatorzwasteLANDFriday8:30 PM
Dr PhunkwasteLANDFriday9:30 PM
AdrenalizewasteLANDFriday10:30 PM
Brennan HeartwasteLANDFriday11:30 PM
Da TweekazwasteLANDFriday12:30 AM
DJ Stephanie b2b Lady FaithwasteLANDFriday1:30 AM
Sub Zero ProjectwasteLANDFriday2:30 AM
AngerfistwasteLANDFriday3:30 AM
Digital PunkwasteLANDFriday4:30 AM
SuaewasteLANDSaturday7:00 PM
Darksiderz b2b MekanikalwasteLANDSaturday8:30 PM
Dr. RudewasteLANDSaturday9:30 PM
ToneshifterzwasteLANDSaturday10:30 PM
AtmozfearswasteLANDSaturday11:30 PM
Wasted PenguinzwasteLANDSaturday12:30 AM
TNTwasteLANDSaturday1:30 AM
Darren StyleswasteLANDSaturday2:30 AM
Code BlackwasteLANDSaturday3:30 AM
Notorious TwowasteLANDSaturday4:30 AM
Crime FamilywasteLANDSunday7:00 PM
GRAVEDGRwasteLANDSunday8:30 PM
The PitcherwasteLANDSunday9:30 PM
GammerwasteLANDSunday10:30 PM
HeadhunterzwasteLANDSunday11:30 PM
CoonewasteLANDSunday12:30 AM
DJ IsaacwasteLANDSunday1:30 AM
Junkie KidwasteLANDSunday2:30 AM
WarfacewasteLANDSunday3:30 AM
AniMe b2b Mad DogwasteLANDSunday4:30 AM
Mister BlaqkstereoBLOOMFriday7:00 PM
DatelessstereoBLOOMFriday8:00 PM
Sinden b2b LO'99stereoBLOOMFriday9:00 PM
Jack BeatsstereoBLOOMFriday10:15 PM
RedlightstereoBLOOMFriday11:15 PM
MKstereoBLOOMFriday12:15 AM
Will ClarkestereoBLOOMFriday1:15 AM
Chris LorenzostereoBLOOMFriday2:15 AM
WongostereoBLOOMFriday3:15 AM
Jace MekstereoBLOOMFriday4:15 AM
Strange ClubstereoBLOOMSaturday7:00 PM
Sage ArmstrongstereoBLOOMSaturday8:00 PM
BijoustereoBLOOMSaturday9:15 PM
DombreskystereoBLOOMSaturday10:30 PM
FisherstereoBLOOMSaturday11:45 PM
Dr. FreschstereoBLOOMSaturday1:00 AM
CarmadastereoBLOOMSaturday2:15 AM
VolacstereoBLOOMSaturday3:30 AM
MahalostereoBLOOMSaturday4:30 AM
Jessica AudiffredstereoBLOOMSunday7:00 PM
ConrankstereoBLOOMSunday8:15 PM
ZEKE BEATSstereoBLOOMSunday9:30 PM
Dirt MonkeystereoBLOOMSunday10:30 PM
CaspastereoBLOOMSunday11:45 PM
YOOKiEstereoBLOOMSunday1:00 AM
JSTJRstereoBLOOMSunday2:00 AM
Rell The Soundbender b2b RawtekstereoBLOOMSunday3:15 AM
HeklerstereoBLOOMSunday4:30 AM
SubrhythmicParliament Art CarFriday7:00 PM
R3LLParliament Art CarFriday8:00 PM
CharlieParliament Art CarFriday9:00 PM
Griffin StollerParliament Art CarFriday10:00 PM
Yuuki YoshiyamaParliament Art CarFriday12:00 AM
XieParliament Art CarFriday1:15 AM
PurgeParliament Art CarFriday2:30 AM
ChristofiParliament Art CarFriday3:30 AM
Maximus CParliament Art CarFriday4:30 AM
William BlackParliament Art CarSaturday8:30 PM
BKAYEParliament Art CarSaturday9:00 PM
FairlaneParliament Art CarSaturday9:30 PM
RobotakiParliament Art CarSaturday10:00 PM
SlumberjackParliament Art CarSaturday10:30 PM
DrezoParliament Art CarSaturday11:15 PM
Special GuestParliament Art CarSaturday1:00 AM
Far OutParliament Art CarSaturday1:45 AM
Ekali b2b Dr. FreschParliament Art CarSaturday2:30 AM
King KavalierParliament Art CarSaturday3:15 AM
whereisalexParliament Art CarSaturday4:00 AM
Taylor KadeParliament Art CarSunday7:00 PM
XCRPTParliament Art CarSunday8:00 PM
JSTJRParliament Art CarSunday9:00 PM
Timmy TrumpetParliament Art CarSunday10:00 PM
Special GuestParliament Art CarSunday12:00 AM
Special GuestParliament Art CarSunday1:15 AM
Special GuestParliament Art CarSunday2:30 AM
Special GuestParliament Art CarSunday3:30 AM
Special GuestParliament Art CarSunday4:30 AM
Jason WooWide Awake Art CarFriday7:00 PM
Soon(ish)Wide Awake Art CarFriday8:00 PM
Sean LambWide Awake Art CarFriday9:00 PM
530Wide Awake Art CarFriday10:00 PM
SubsetWide Awake Art CarFriday12:00 AM
AstronomarWide Awake Art CarFriday1:15 AM
MK b2b Will ClarkeWide Awake Art CarFriday2:30 AM
DatelessWide Awake Art CarFriday3:30 AM
Thomas GarciaWide Awake Art CarSaturday7:00 PM
DrexlerWide Awake Art CarSaturday8:00 PM
Tristan WellsWide Awake Art CarSaturday9:00 PM
Lukas Rieger x Johnny DoeWide Awake Art CarSaturday10:00 PM
Master Of The PeopleWide Awake Art CarSaturday12:00 AM
Matt MedvedWide Awake Art CarSaturday1:15 AM
Double DareWide Awake Art CarSaturday2:30 AM
PlvydvteWide Awake Art CarSaturday3:30 AM
LandisWide Awake Art CarSaturday4:30 AM
RonaissanceWide Awake Art CarSunday7:00 PM
GladezWide Awake Art CarSunday8:00 PM
Corporate SlackrsWide Awake Art CarSunday9:00 PM
NonsensWide Awake Art CarSunday10:00 PM
Nitti GrittiWide Awake Art CarSunday12:00 AM
1080pWide Awake Art CarSunday1:15 AM
KandyWide Awake Art CarSunday2:30 AM
RevelWide Awake Art CarSunday3:30 AM
Sheen BoogieWide Awake Art CarSunday4:30 AM
Mr. BrooksWench Art CarFriday7:00 PM
GaneshWench Art CarFriday9:00 PM
Niko ZografosWench Art CarFriday10:00 PM
Michael BrickerWench Art CarFriday12:00 AM
ETC!ETC!Wench Art CarFriday2:00 AM
HAMiWench Art CarFriday3:00 AM
Cult ClassiqueWench Art CarFriday4:00 AM
SUBshockers b2b XtrobenWench Art CarSaturday7:00 PM
CassioWench Art CarSaturday8:00 PM
ZooFunktionWench Art CarSaturday9:00 PM
GeoWench Art CarSaturday10:00 PM
BailoWench Art CarSaturday12:00 AM
Wenzday b2b HAMiWench Art CarSaturday1:15 AM
Dack Janiels & FriendsWench Art CarSaturday2:30 AM
Special GuestsWench Art CarSaturday3:30 AM
Harsh Records TakeoverWench Art CarSaturday4:30 AM
Don CriminalsWench Art CarSunday7:00 PM
VeniiceWench Art CarSunday8:00 PM
EclipseWench Art CarSunday9:00 PM
Damaged GoodsWench Art CarSunday10:00 PM
Riggi & PirosWench Art CarSunday12:00 AM
Whipped CreamWench Art CarSunday1:15 AM
TatianaWench Art CarSunday2:30 AM
TroubleWench Art CarSunday3:30 AM
SimfonikWench Art CarSunday4:30 AM
Speaker Honey b2b RoswellBoombox Art CarFriday7:00 PM
Chris JayBoombox Art CarFriday8:00 PM
FlashGangBoombox Art CarFriday9:00 PM
Phill RollinsBoombox Art CarFriday10:00 PM
Wood HollyBoombox Art CarFriday1:00 AM
Brandon ElliotBoombox Art CarFriday2:15 AM
FreeFallBoombox Art CarFriday3:30 AM
Morelia b2b Sang FroydBoombox Art CarFriday4:30 AM
Real Deal MontielBoombox Art CarSaturday7:00 PM
Johnny DarkoBoombox Art CarSaturday8:00 PM
Sammy Legs feat. TCHiLTBoombox Art CarSaturday9:00 PM
Ruff HauserBoombox Art CarSaturday10:00 PM
Roy WilkinsBoombox Art CarSaturday1:00 AM
Eli BrownBoombox Art CarSaturday2:00 AM
HushBoombox Art CarSaturday3:00 AM
Olymp.usBoombox Art CarSaturday4:00 AM
Victor ArellanoBoombox Art CarSunday7:00 PM
Neon BlackBoombox Art CarSunday8:00 PM
Missy BBoombox Art CarSunday9:00 PM
Josh BillingsBoombox Art CarSunday10:00 PM
NonfictionBoombox Art CarSunday1:00 AM
GhosteaBoombox Art CarSunday2:00 AM
Fantom Freq b2b Eric MarkBoombox Art CarSunday3:00 AM
MoniBoombox Art CarSunday4:00 AM
AssemblyKalliope Art CarFriday7:00 PM
WavedashKalliope Art CarFriday8:00 PM
SharpsKalliope Art CarFriday9:00 PM
CazztekKalliope Art CarFriday10:00 PM
SwageKalliope Art CarFriday11:00 PM
JayceeohKalliope Art CarFriday12:00 AM
Sam FKalliope Art CarFriday1:15 AM
KayohKalliope Art CarFriday2:30 AM
BendaKalliope Art CarFriday3:30 AM
BawsFyteKalliope Art CarFriday4:30 AM
Orri & FriendsKalliope Art CarSaturday7:00 PM
ConroKalliope Art CarSaturday8:00 PM
GrantKalliope Art CarSaturday9:00 PM
SnavsKalliope Art CarSaturday10:00 PM
Lil Hank & FriendsKalliope Art CarSaturday11:00 PM
Seven Lions b2b DimiboKalliope Art CarSaturday12:00 AM
Modestep b2b Fox Stevenson b2b Eliminate b2b MyroKalliope Art CarSaturday1:15 AM
AtmozfearsKalliope Art CarSaturday2:30 AM
Pegboard NerdsKalliope Art CarSaturday3:30 AM
Darren Styles b2b GammerKalliope Art CarSaturday4:30 AM
ChristofiKalliope Art CarSunday7:00 PM
VirtuKalliope Art CarSunday8:00 PM
One More TimeKalliope Art CarSunday8:45 PM
Autograf (DJ Set)Kalliope Art CarSunday9:30 PM
ElephanteKalliope Art CarSunday10:30 PM
R3habKalliope Art CarSunday11:30 PM
Ekali b2b MedasinKalliope Art CarSunday12:30 AM
CrankdatKalliope Art CarSunday1:30 AM
Special GuestKalliope Art CarSunday2:30 AM
Justin CarusoKalliope Art CarSunday3:30 AM
Leon LourKalliope Art CarSunday4:30 AM
k?dKalliope Art CarSunday5:00 AM
Primal LuxeCorona Electric BeachFriday7:00 PM
Choppa DunksCorona Electric BeachFriday8:00 PM
ilo iloCorona Electric BeachFriday9:00 PM
BonesCorona Electric BeachFriday10:00 PM
LDRUCorona Electric BeachFriday12:00 AM
YahtzelCorona Electric BeachFriday1:00 AM
DatelessCorona Electric BeachFriday2:00 AM
Strange ClubCorona Electric BeachFriday3:00 AM
Matt MedvedCorona Electric BeachSaturday8:00 PM
Wongo b2b Jace MekCorona Electric BeachSaturday9:00 PM
VolacCorona Electric BeachSaturday10:00 PM
Brownies & LemonadeCorona Electric BeachSaturday11:00 PM
Brownies & LemonadeCorona Electric BeachSaturday12:00 AM
Brownies & LemonadeCorona Electric BeachSaturday1:00 AM
Brownies & LemonadeCorona Electric BeachSaturday2:00 AM
Brownies & LemonadeCorona Electric BeachSaturday3:00 AM
Alyx AnderCorona Electric BeachSunday7:00 PM
Slumdogg TrillionaireCorona Electric BeachSunday8:00 PM
Rell The SoundbenderCorona Electric BeachSunday9:00 PM
YOOKiE (Special Set)Corona Electric BeachSunday10:00 PM
SayMyNameCorona Electric BeachSunday11:00 PM
JayceeohCorona Electric BeachSunday12:00 AM
Sam FCorona Electric BeachSunday1:00 AM
NuKidCorona Electric BeachSunday2:00 AM
SharpsCorona Electric BeachSunday3:00 AM
Opening CeremonykineticFIELDFriday10:37 PM
Ceremony: Intermezzo GreecekineticFIELDFriday11:55 PM
FireworkskineticFIELDFriday1:25 AM
Ceremony: Intermezzo AsiakineticFIELDFriday1:32 AM
Ceremony: Intermezzo Sci-Fi EgyptkineticFIELDFriday3:02 AM
Ceremony: Intermezzo Middle EastkineticFIELDFriday4:16 AM
Opening CeremonykineticFIELDSaturday10:37 PM
Ceremony: Intermezzo GreecekineticFIELDSaturday11:55 PM
FireworkskineticFIELDSaturday1:25 AM
Ceremony: Intermezzo AsiakineticFIELDSaturday1:32 AM
Ceremony: Intermezzo Sci-Fi EgyptkineticFIELDSaturday3:02 AM
Ceremony: Intermezzo Middle EastkineticFIELDSaturday4:16 AM
Opening CeremonykineticFIELDSunday10:35 PM
Ceremony: Intermezzo GreecekineticFIELDSunday11:53 PM
Ceremony: Intermezzo AsiakineticFIELDSunday1:08 AM
FireworkskineticFIELDSunday2:09 AM
Ceremony: Intermezzo Sci-Fi EgyptkineticFIELDSunday3:14 AM
Ceremony: Intermezzo Middle EastkineticFIELDSunday4:14 AM
Closing CeremonykineticFIELDSunday5:28 AM

EDC Las Vegas 2018 Festival Map


EDC Las Vegas 2018 Parking Map


EDC Las Vegas 2018 Directions and Shuttle Map

Photo Credit: Stephen Bondio for Insomniac


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