Rising Italian band Platonick Dive has a minor Linkin Park vibe to them, the way the blend dark and semi creepy sounding electronic production alongside hard rock. Their new single “Maple” is the last piece of music before they drop their forthcoming LP [Social Habits] and it's a big track that is worth scoping if you were ever into LP. Check out a quote from the guys below, under that stream the new single, and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming project!

“Staying close with people you love, making sex, listening to good music, smoking weed. All of these things could be good therapy. This is what this song talks about. It's different from our typical sound, both in terms of the music and the lyrics: analog synths and 80's arpeggiators dance on a upbeat drum pattern whilst the voice sings about the brutality of being misogynist, homophobic and racist” – Platonick Dive