Multiple women have come forward accusing Firepower Records head Datsik of sexual assault and rape. In one case, artist Space Jesus was also implicated in the actions though his level of involvement or if he was just a willing bystander remains unclear. Fans have started to pour out support to those sharing their stories and public opinion has started to harshly turn against the two accused.

Making matters worse on the situation, Datsik has reportedly started to delete possibly suspect tweets around events including one where he made a joke referring to rape as “a struggle snuggle”. It has also been reported that Datsik has given girls at shows around the country badges to go back stage with the label “TUL$A”, which is reportedly coded for “a slut” as it is that spelled backwards. It also appears brands have already begun to drop their associations with Datsik. Datsik posted to social media about an hour ago that he would be releasing a statement about the accusations. When he does we will update you on this developing story. Below you will find some of the tweets which have started to trend.

Here at EDM Sauce we support all those who are survivors of sexual assault. If you, a friend or loved one has experienced sexual assault please follow the links below as resources.

National Sexual Assault and Rape Hotline

Rape Crisis Center for Children and Adults

Related Tweets to the Accusations

** Update From Datsik's Twitter Account **

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