In today's world of weird news we have for you a story from Miami involving a horse. Specifically Mokai Lounge decided it was a good idea to bring a live horse into it's packed club, because what could go wrong? Luckily nobody, including the horse was harmed in the incident but it still caught the attention of the Miami Police.

A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course

A video immediately went viral when the horse did exactly what one would expect a horse to do in a loud and packed nightclub. It freaked out and tried to escape. In a joint investigation with Miami Beach Code Enforcement the Miami Police reviewed the information that was popping up all over social media yesterday. It only took the investigation a few hours to determine the severity of the incident and the club had it's license revoked.

The video seems to have been taken down from most sources where it appeared. Still a litany of news organizations were able to get their hands on the shocking footage before it was purged from the web. The best news in all of this? A vet has checked out the horse and said it was 100% okay, and it's nightclub career is entirely over. The owner of the club could face criminal charges. Check out the video below.

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