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Fans Create A Version Monopoly Entirely Focusing On Wooks And It Already Sold Out On Etsy

I have had a complex relationships with wooks. I wan entirely heading down the path to full scale, Colorado living, dreadlocking growing wookery a few years ago. Now I commonly receive misguided death threats from wooks whenever I write an article like the one you are currently reading. I mean nothing but love with my sentiments but man sometimes I apparently hit a sensitive spot when it comes to my reporting on casual to professional level wookery.

Wookery, Your New Favorite Board Game

Fans have created a new version of Monopoly that is focused on wooks. Naturally is it called Wookery and from what we have seen is appears to be absolutely hilarious. The board game features squares that include artists like Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, STS9 and Lotus. Instead of a corner of the board devoted to a jail, Wookery features a K-Hole square. Overall this is some of the most dedicated and hilarious wookery we have seen in some time. The board game was available on Etsy but has since sold out. Check out the official Etsy store for Wookery to see if it gets restocked and check out some pictures of the game below.


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