In Ultra Singapore 2016, officer Sergeant Alex Zhang Zhengyang was required to observe foot traffic at the multi-destination music festival. During the event, Zhengyana came across an attendee named Wayne Liang who will later be fined $10,000.

During the encounter, Wayne Liang was highly intoxicated, alcohol levels being 143mg/100ml. When officer Zhengyana identified himself as an officer of the law, Liang responded with “so what” and repeatedly began to stomp the officer's foot. This action then led to the immediate arrest of the concert attendee.

During the trial, the prosecution urged the jury to place Liang in prison for a minimum of four weeks. District Judge Kessler Soh, disagreed with the offer and immediately rejected it. Although the foot stomper's Lawyer specified that Liang's judgement was heavily impaired due to alcohol, Liang chose to plead guilty on August 7th.

This incident deeply shows us to be careful with alcohol consumption. It is reminded that all party-goers should drink tolerantly and safely. Although your judgement may be impaired, incidents can occur causing some harmful or expensive consequences.

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