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From Getter Banning Bassnectar Merch, To A Full On Lost Lands Ass Eating Contest: Our Biggest Stories Of 2017

This year was one for the books in terms of ridiculous occurrences for the electronic dance music community. We do our best here at EDM Sauce to bring you not only the best new music faster than any other dance music site on the planet but also the stories that will keep you giggling for weeks when you think back to those magical headlines.

We had some pretty epic throwbacks this year that we absolutely need to go back and revisit. I have accumulated the cream of the crop when it comes to the best stories we had in 2017. We counted them down in terms of traffic. So if you hate the fact any of these are mentioned – you kind of did it to yourself. So without further adieu here are the top stories from EDM Sauce in 2017.

1. Getter Bans All Bassnectar Merchandise From His Show


This was in fact our most read article this past year. Getter decided to make a joke and ban all Bassnectar gear from a Washington D.C. show on Halloween. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you ask) security took this request seriously and turned away all fans wearing anything with a bass drop logo.

Obviously and no thanks to us, this created a massive uproar. Getter eventually explained that it was a joke and that everyone should relax. Still it will be ingrained as a high point in 2017 for many.

2. Someone Held An Ass Eating Contest At Lost Lands

Lost Lands Butt Eating

Lost Lands debuted itself to the world this year. Headbangers from all over the world united in the Legend Valley of Ohio for a weekend full of debauchery. One of the most unlikely stories to come from the fest was that of the infamous butthole eating contest. I am sure we have all heard about it now, but traffic helped push this one to become of the second most popular story of 2017.

It also oddly enough ignited a conversation among a few sites about first amendment rights. While we may never thought that an ass eating contest would spark controversy of censorship after publication, we also never thought a reality star would be president burning the country to the ground. 2017 man, weird stuff happened.

3. Wook Seen Grilling Full Steak Dinner At Bassnectar Set

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This was one of the most wholesome stories to come out of 2017. During Bassnectar's set at Electric Forest weekend one a gentleman some how got in a full gas grill and lit that bitch up to cook some dank strip steaks while Lorin took the stage. Even though the culprit himself commented on our post to explain his epic story the article was met with a backlash from the nectar community.

Apparently the tongue in cheek tone I took while writing it started a ‘Wook Lives Matter' movement of sorts. It was all incredibly stupid and petty. This story showed us that even when we all have fun and nobody is hurt in the end, someone can still get offended. Well it is probably why we are doubling the traffic of the other site that got upset about it.

4. Man Buries Water Bottle On Grounds Of Electric Zoo Before Festival, Digs It Up During

Let's start with the elephant in the room about this story – it ended up being an elaborate hoax. We fell for it, you fell for it. The world more or less fell for it. But we did have fun for a few days before the trust slowly started to leak out.

This guy claimed to have buried a water bottle full of vodka on the grounds of electric zoo before production of the festival began, and then dug it up once he got inside once the festival began. It inspired many great stories and even helped the perpetrator of the story land a book deal highlighting festival pro tips. Not bad for a pretty big scam huh?

5. Borgore Releases Track Off Of Pornhub


In one of the great marketing moves of 2017, the bad boy of EDM, Borgore, teamed up with the world wide leader in smut to crank out a new video. The Buygore label head got together with Pornhub and created a release strategy that turned heads all around the world. So much so, that the new song was one of the top trending videos of the porn provider for over a week. No easy task to do.

So there you have it. The articles that you, our readership, loved the absolute most this year. Here at EDM Sauce we want to thank you for helping making 2017 our best year yet. We cannot wait to see what 2018 holds, and as always we will continue to bring you the best new music before anyone else, the funniest stories from our community, and breaking news ranging from the small to the large. Keep coming to your #1 source for electronic dance music.

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