While yesterday's talk on social media consisted of cryptocurrencies and the FCC's decision to repeal the rules of Net Neutrality, the FCC has landed themselves in some troubled waters.

One advert of the repeal of Net Neutrality consisted of the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai dancing to Baauer's “Harlem Shake.” The song was sampled without Baauer's consent, Baauer confirmed he will be taking action against the FCC.

Since the video had been posted, Mad Decent has released an official statement regarding the use of “Harlem Shake.”

“Official statement re the use of “Harlem Shake” in Daily Caller’s video of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: neither Mad Decent nor Baauer approved this use nor do we approve of the message contained therein. We have issued a takedown will pursue further legal action if it is not removed.”