Last week we broke to you the news that Polish DJ & producer Tom Swoon was involved in a fatal car crash in his home country of Poland that left 1 person dead and another injured. To add to the matters, Swoon was under the influence of alcohol and was at fault for the accident. He was immediately brought into custody by the Polish Police Dept. Since December 5th the day this happened, not much has been updated. Well over the weekend I found some more info and news on the situation.

First off, Swoon was scheduled to release a tune on Spinnin' Records today but that art-work, song preview, and pre-save linksĀ have since disappeared off of Spinnins' website and social accounts. The backlash if they released that would've been huge and I applaud them for pulling the track as they should've.

Second off is the legal situation of the matter. In Poland the charges he is facing hold a MINIMUM of 2 years in jail and maximum of 12 years. We also have read reports from Polish news (through Google translator) that he will be placed in jail for the next 2 months and then face trial on the charges.

Things are not looking good for the young producer. Folks, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE