Anonymity is something hard to come by in the music industry these days. Even when artists go far out of their way to obtain it, success eventually collides and secrets spill out. When we notice an artist making waves without any real background info, we immediately get curious. This is how we discovered the enigma of GRAVEDGR. Carnage announced the RARE SoCal line up almost 3 weeks ago and it featured a name that just about nobody was familiar with, and people immediately started to ask questions.

Original or Re-Brand?

So many artists take a re-branding approach these days. Sometimes it is permanently like what Dotcom did to become Marshmello, other times it is to explore different sounds like what Eric Prydz does in so many different ways. This idea initially sparked the debate that GRAVEDGR was actually a familiar artist under a new name. This hype was only exemplified by industry insider, @TheFPIA, awho tweeted out this message:

Dance music fans immediately jumped on the hype train and begged to know if this was a new artist who finally got some proper branding or someone we already know. The other interesting thing many fans noticed was that GRAVEDGR activated his current Twitter account only a few days before the initial RARE SoCal announcement, but was already followed by some of the biggest names in the industry. This also immediately led to a lot of questions. So who is this mystery man with no music on his Soundcloud, but almost 10K followers and a major management groups support? Only time will tell. Grab your tickets for RARE SoCal today so you can be some of the first to find out.


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