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Electric Forest 2018 Line Up Announced Like You Never Could Imagine

Electric Forest was easily the best festival of 2017 by many measures. The people, the sights, the music and the grounds all added up to be one of the most intoxicating and beautiful natural experiences of this past year. It was the first time the festival was hosted over two separate weekends, and fans were quick to express their gratitude. Now though, the Electric Forest 2018 line up has already started to be announced and it has been done like you could never imagine.

Electric Forest 2018 Line Up Begins To Drop

We found the details over on /r/electricforest. It seems that Forest wanted to honor their local community by dropping hints to them first. At an event in Ann Arbor last night there were some interesting details all over the club. It seems that the Electric Forest 2018 line up was being subtly teased in several ways. Posters adorned walls with hints to the Electric Forest 2018 line up. Even mirrors in bathrooms had numbers written on them which when called gave the caller a voice recording of artists playing the event. Electric Forest even took it so far to put word scrambles on toilet paper which gave hints to artists on the Electric Forest 2018 line up.

Now to be clear the entire Electric Forest 2018 line up has not yet been announced. This is only the very beginning. Literally over 100 artists are waiting to be announced. We have to imagine it will be at least another month or two before the full Electric Forest 2018 line up will be revealed. Still we are hoping that Forest does a better Job at balancing the two weekends in terms of talent so an overloading of one weekend does not yet again occur. Overall though Electric Forest is easily one of the most magical events we have ever attended and cannot wait to return.

Electric Forest 2018 Line Up

Artists Confirmed To Appear On The Electric Forest 2018 Line Up

Everyone Orchestra
Spag Heddy
Xavier Rudd
Rufus Du Sol
Karl Densons Tiny Universe
Manic Focus
Hayden James
Boogie T
Louis the Child
Penguin Prison
Jody Litvack
Space Jesus

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