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Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix

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BREAKING NEWS – Martin Garrix Wins Lawsuit Against Spinnin Records

Its finally happened. Martin Garrix has won the rights to his songs he had previously signed away during his Spinnin' Records days, this coming from the judges at the Lelystad court. Garrix' contracts with Spinnin' Records and Music All Stars, have been nulled by the court. This statement may have major consequences for Martin as well as many other artists in similar spots.

Garrix claims that he was “fooled” in entering into contracts with Spinnin and Music All Stars. He signed a record and management contract in 2012, then renewed that contract in 2013. According to Garrix, there is conflict of interest because both companies were owned by Van Kooten. Garrix and his father were wrongly told that this combination was necessary, making him feel “fooled” into signing.

The judge had this to say – ‘During the talks in 2013 about renewing the production agreement with Spinnin Records, there has been conflict of interest due to the CEO's double hats. MAS had to take action at that time. For example, by assisting Garrix in the negotiations by an independent third party. ” After all, in the renegotiation of Spinnin ‘, the case maker was MAS, or Van Kooten, who negotiates with Van Kooten.

In addition, Garrix gets ‘the rights as a phonogram producer'. In laymens terms this is concerning neighboring rights' on the ‘master' of a number of his songs such as “Animals” . The master's owner can operate the music at his own discretion and receive money when the number is turned on an event, on radio, tv or in the catering industry.

The fact that Garrix gets these rights can have big consequences, because many record companies let their artists pull away master's rights. “This can be a good effect for all artists,” says Oktay Düzgün, Lawyer of Garrix. “It's a nice statement, I'm happy, but I can not say much about it. The statement covers 56 pages, which I have to study first. ”

Garrix announces by means of a press release: “I am pleased with this outcome, not just for myself but also for all other DJs / producers because this case was not just for me but for all my fellow artists.”

Spinnin' is also reading the statement, let the Hilversum company spokesman know. “In view of the size of the case, we need to study the ruling carefully, considering the possibility of appeal.”

Van Kooten has recently sold Spinnin ‘and MAS to the American Warner and has left the company at what seems like a very fishy time.  ‘I've taken note of the verdict of the court, which, despite the fact that I do not have any share in the companies, still has my interest', Van Kooten said. “Given the size of the case, I have to study that statement well. In addition, my advice for Spinnin Records and Music Allstars to appeal will be included.”

It seems as this isn't over, but this judgement by the court is a HUGE win for Martin.

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