Earlier this year, Rob Small Mastering shared the news that he had the pleasure of mastering something very special by Daft Punk. Many fans including ourselves figured that Daft Punk would be officially releasing a new song in the coming year, however this isn't the case.

Today (July 25th), Rob Small revealed that he was asked to remaster and help release one of Daft Punk's classic remixes of The Micronaut's “Get Funky, Get Down.” “This record reissues the first track of The Micronauts, “Get Funky Get Down”, along with Daft Punk’s remix of it (their first ever!).”

To date, the song has never been reissued, but lately the original version has made such a remarkable comeback for record diggers in the past two years, that they felt the song needed to be retouched and re-released on vinyl.

Pre-order the new vinyl mix on Bigwax here.