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Nashville Got Shlumped And What A Night It Was

Photos by Brian Fisher

This past Friday, weird creatures and heavy headed fans alike (myself included) came out in full force to one of the smallest venues in Nashville, TN to fill their need for the wobbly goodness that comes from some of the strangest and most unconventional sounds electronic music has to offer these days. Now, while many of those describing words I used may have negative connotations, I want something to be clear. We love the wicked and the weird. We love the music that pushes drum patterns, use of low leveled bass, and overall song construction to the fringes. Currently, it seems we here at EDM Sauce are not alone in that love. Across the nation and the world major artists such as Liquid Stranger, G Jones, and Spaces Jesus have developed what seem to be cult like followings who can't get enough of their experimental styles. After so many years of cookie cut EDM, the necessity for oddity is pure, and it makes for one hell of a live experience.

One of the even tinier up and coming names who is making quite the splash is Santa Cruz native Shlump whose eclectic combination of many different aspects of both electronic, and non-electronic music perfectly shatters what you thought you knew about producers before. From the simplest productions of what seem to be basic hip-hop beats, to the outer reaches of head bang inducing dubstep, Shlump has it all. His headlining slot inspired a sold out show at The End, a 200 capacity venue tucked away in Nashville‘s West End neighborhood. Although the capacity was small, a sell out is a sell out, and the energy was at an all time high. Shlump was supported by local acts Warlokk and Doyle as well as fellow up and comer Digital Ethos hailing from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. The openers brought with them a disregard for any sort of “show order” and a readiness to throw down all they had available. The crowd, the other artists, and myself included, adored this aspect of the show and from the first beat to the last, the place never stopped shaking.

However, there's a reason that Shlump was the headliner on Friday night. When Shlump took the stage, the level of excitement, volume of the crowd, and temperature of the venue skyrocketed. His set was filled with some of the grimiest dub, grooviest trap, and god knows how to describe the rest. The inability to stop dancing was overly present and watching Shlump on stage, it was clear that he wanted to be there as bad as the hypest fan in the crowd. A seriously connected relationship seemed to develop between the crowd and the stage, something that is rare to see in modern electronic music. It made the show that much more intense, and every drop felt like a shell shocked bomb sending us further into the dark abyss of mental oblivion. Needless to say, we left the venue speechless, and with little energy to get home.

Making it home, hitting my bed was pure bliss. It took my mind a while to fully understand how special this show really was. We want to give a major shout out to promotion companies Together At Last and Full Circle Presents for putting on this incredible night. We hope that we will have the chance to be back to this venue, around these beautiful people, and have the show presented by these two companies again very soon. We have a feeling this is definitely possible (wink wink). Click here to find out why!


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