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Carbin Leads Off Flatline Vol 6 With ‘GOMD’ (feat. Trvma) [Exclusive Premiere + Interview]

Firepower's Flatline compilations are some of the most exciting albums in the world of bass music. The compilations give established artists as well as new comers a chance to shine through. Today we have the privilege of bringing you the lead off track from Flatline Vol 6 as a world premiere, Carbin's ‘GOMD' (feat. Trvma). Carbin is new to Firepower but this track demonstrates that the newcomer has some serious heat to share with the world.

This is only the beginning though!

Carbin has delivered a free for all of sound that will have you recoiling in shock. ‘GOMD' brings a full frontal assault of bass. The onslaught of stabbing synths and various tempos alongside the ominous feel throughout make for one seriously heavy hitting tune. So heavy that Datsik and the team at Firepower have decided to make ‘GOMD' (feat. Trvma) the lead off song for Flatline Vol 6. Carbin was nice enough to answer a few questions for us about the track and his experience as well. You can find those below the track. Flatline Vol 6 can be pre-ordered here. It is expected to drop at the end of the month on June 30th.

Interview With Carbin

Leading off a compilation from Firepower is a huge milestone in anyone's career. Can you talk about the emotions around finding out that you would have that honor?

“I have always wanted to become a part of Firepower. I sent many tracks to them over the years that I developed my sound and they never wanted to release any of them, so when they did accept my track it was a very good feeling! This is only the beginning though!”

Samples are a huge part of many dubstep tracks. How do you go about finding your samples? Do you find your sample first then build a track around it or vice versa?

“The best place to find samples for me is via Splice. Typically when starting a track I like to look through splice for drums that slap, create a beat in Ableton, and then start messing around with sound design to fit the beat. Although that may be what I usually do, sometimes melodic or bass samples really trigger an idea for me and I start a track with the sample in mind.”

Besides your own, what other tracks on the compilation do you think go the hardest?

“All the tracks are great, but I really love Chompa’s record the most. It has that dirt I need in my life, along with drums that smack nicely. Cherney came in with some heat on his record as well!”

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So GOMD goes pretty hard, have you had a chance to play it out for an audience yet? What was the response?

“I have had a chance to play it live and it always has made the crowd go crazy so I’m very excited to see what happens with it once it releases! I also have had the opportunity to see a few well-known artists play it out as well, such as Borgore, Crizzly, Snails, and Quix; the crowd loved it every time!”


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