The focus of this article is not to talk about anyone's specific sexuality. That shit does not matter in the least. Whether you knew about Griz's personal life is totally besides the point. I am writing this now because of how truly inspiring his article published on Huffington Post today was.

Griz Gets Vulnerable

Griz wrote a long piece on Huffington Post today that spoke at length about how difficult it was coming to terms with his sexuality at a young age. Specifically how in middle and high school he was driven into a deep depression. Then how his journey created a deep anxiety that ruled his life for years.

He continues to explain how freeing it was to discover and come to terms with his true self. All in all it was an absolutely magnificient article.

It might not be cool to love Britney Spears, study AP physics or play saxophone but, it’s totally cool to be gay. – Grant Kwiecinski

Griz tweeted out how important it is to talk to people when you are struggling. The tone is echoed throughout the beautiful article. Here at EDM Sauce we echo his statements. If you ever need to talk, vent or open up just reach out. We love our community. You can read Griz's full article here.


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