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Couple Visits The Exumas To Witness The Aftermath of Fyre Festival

As Ja Rule and Billy McFarland are facing their 6th lawsuit, one couple thought it would be fun to return to the Fyre Festival grounds to see the aftermath of what went down just weeks before.

After borrowing their hotel's golf cart, the couple decides to head to The Exumas Bahamas. Here they noticed the gate was unlocked, so they decided to roam around a bit.

They witnessed the infamous Fyre Festival concierge.
Fyre Festival concierge.

The Fyre Festival lockers.
Fyre Festival Lockers

The “luxury living” showers.
Fyre Festival Showers

And everything else that has been left behind.
Fyre Festival Aftermath

All before being kicked out.
fyre festival kicked out

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Watch the footage below.

Dave Mehta writes:
“#FyreFestival, THE AFTERMATH! Was so curious about the Fyre Festival debacle I had to check this out first-hand. The stories locals told us were priceless. It's the epic-fail paired with millennial-privilege that made this all so deliciously laughable, but it was a bit sad seeing all the waste and hearing stories of the how some of the local laborers got stiffed. It's wild because I really think this could have been great, especially after seeing it first hand. If only they waited to plan properly; if only that one super-eloquent organizer hadn't rallied everyone with his powerful words… “let's just do it and be legends bro”


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