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Listen To Spotify's Top 100 Streamed Tracks Of The Year
Listen To Spotify's Top 100 Streamed Tracks Of The Year

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Spotify Messages Are Easier Than Ever With This Secret Message Maker App

Making Spotify messages is easier than ever with this secret message maker app.

You may have heard by now that Secret Spotify messages are the 2017 version of a mix CD. In fact, one girl actually dumped her boyfriend with a Spotify playlist. Her playlist wrote out the secret message “Kiss me because I am kinda lovin someone else.” The ex-boyfriend then promptly wrote her a Spotify message back with mansionz's single “STFU.”

While some people are spending the time to make secret messages on their own, some Spotify users have started to use apps to help them with the creative process. Below are some of the websites you can use in order to help make your secret message on Spotify.

Spotify Messages Websites

1. Acrostify: Acrostify makes Spotify playlists with embedded secret messages. Once you tell the website what genre you want the playlist to be in, Acrostify will let you type in your secret message hidden as an acrostic. Our secret word was “EDM SAUCE.”
Secret Message Maker

2. Jomnify: Jomnify allows you to create secret Spotify messages in your playlist. Once you type in the words you want to use, Jomnify will help identify the words in full from that song. Our secret word for this search was also “EDM Sauce.”
Spotify Messages

What's your favorite Spotify Message app?


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