A Fyre Still Burning

Ah, Fyre Festival, unless you've been lying under a geodesic dome, you've probably heard of this atrocity currently taking place in the Bahamas. A proposed luxury experience which turned into a nightmarish hell-hole filled with garbage, poor service, and feral dogs.

Meanwhile, many critically acclaimed DJ's and producers such as Marshmello, Cash Cash, LOUDPVCK, and Deadmau5 (of course) have taken to Twitter, joining in on the #Fyrefestival and #Hungergamesforrichpeople memes and shade tossing.


But that's not all, in a recent turn of events Seth Rogan and The Lonely Island have revealed they too have been cooking up a music festival disaster, long before “Fyre-Fail”.

Fyre Festival “The Movie”

While not official based on the festival, Seth Rogan has said their idea is uncannily close.

The Lonely Island also chimed in.


Regarding suing, however, it looks like they'll have to get in line. Many of the festival goers stranded on the island have a bone to pick with organisers (one of whom has already been arrested). Pictures straight from the Twitter accounts of attendees paint a horrible and hilarious picture, if Seth Rogan and the comedy trio of Lonely Island want their movie to be a success, they should probably be taking notes.

As of right now, these tweets are all we have to confirm the existence of a movie. Our hope is they take the opportunity of the situation and title the film something along the lines of “Ring of Fyre.”