The Festival Has Been Canceled

Update: The situation has turned dangerous

It was only 4 months ago that we got news of what looked to be the most incredible destination music festival we had ever seen. It was the Fyre Festival set on a private island in the Bahamas. Once owned by Pablo Escobar, and visited by Black Beard. It all sounded really good. Then something strange happened, the dreaded radio silence. Eventually we did hear back with a finalized line up, but things seemed weird. The festival was once warm and quick to respond but then stopped all interaction outside of press releases. There were no responses to questions, very important questions. Then today the reasons why have started to come out. Fyre Festival is falling apart before it even officially starts. It is a Fyre Festival Disaster.

Fyre Festival Disaster: Artists Pull Out

Today, just 8 hours ago, Blink 182 tweeted this out. It seemed like an obvious warning sign that something was seriously wrong.

Fyre Festival Disaster: Attendees Reports Chaos

Now we are looking on Instagram and have seen reports from William Needham Finley IV who runs a website out of Raleigh North Carolina. His videos have shown a Fyre Festival disaster on almost every scale.

First a crowd looking confused, being directed no where. A Fyre Festival disaster begins with no organization. The crowd is clueless on how to proceed once they arrive to the island. As the crowd grows, nobody knows what to do or where to to go.

The next stage of this Fyre Festival disaster is the luggage unpacking. It seems insane the way the luggage was stacked randomly in a storage locker, then handed out. Absolutely no organization. We have heard from other attendees of broken luggage, and luggage that was rummaged through, and stolen items.

Finally you can see the ‘luxury camping experience' that Fyre Festival offers. Would you believe this isn't even the end of the Fyre Festival disaster? While the luxury camping and villas turned out to be much less than expected, more broken promises are coming next.

"A disaster relief tent is where the heart is." – Martha Stewart #fyre #fyrefest #fyrefestival

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The culinary experience that was supposed to come alongside a ticket is actually nothing more well take out food boxes. A Fyre Festival disaster is underway and the event just started. Look people…if you have tickets for next weekend, we suggest rethinking your decision. We sincerely hope that things will get better the coming days and the first weekend can be salvaged after a disastrous first day. Follow William for more incredible updates as well.

Fyre Festival Disaster

UPDATE: Fyre Festival Has Started to Turn Away Planes


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FyreFestivalFraud On Twitter Is Giving Information On the Rampant Disregard for Safety


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