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Best of 2017

This Miami Label/Fashion House’s Initial Releases Are Gamechangers in Music and Style

Bribery Corporation is the brand that you will soon become very familiar with. That is because this Miami based fashion house and record label is making some of the most savage moves behind the scenes. Staffed with some of the most forward thinking producers and designers as well as lead by an ambitious industry hardened label head, this brand earned it's credibility in the ever demanding Miami fashion/music scene.

The Release of a Massive Collection and Compilation

Today in the middle of the night Bribery corporation dropped it's initial Clothing line which has already been lauded by the Miami Music Week attendees. What is more is that the line has been soundtracked by a compilation that will leave your ears begging for more. Titled ‘_001' This compilation is as close to a sexual experience of sound design as possible. Featuring tracks by the likes of Mystvries, PRJCTN, Light Bodies and ROOMS this compilation has a little bit of EVERYTHING.


_01: Mystvries – Warmest Colours
_02: Light Bodies – Gravity
_03: ROOMS – bahna
_04: Tian Xia – 202blackhole AK
_05: Rules – Transparent
_06: PRJTCN – Hyper
_07: Ascendants – Drifting
_08: Drury – Otherworld
_09: Lizzie Land – Sweet Melodies (ROOMS Remix)
_10: Compulsive – Fire Squad (Remix)
_11: Miami Nights 1984 – MN 84 Theme (Mystvries Remix)
_12: Light Bodies – Blue

Did I mention that this is up for a free download? Yeah this entire compilation is free. You can get this entire compilation through Bit Torrent exclusively through this link. Before you run away to that link and download that beauty take a listen to an exclusive track we have the absolute privilege of premiering today. PRJCTN has dropped the gorgeous track ‘Hyper'. ‘Hyper' is an aural journey through unique percussion and outside the box sound design. Slowly starting off with ambient noise the track soon develops into cascading chimes and a beat that will infect your entire body. Check this track out below.

Lets take a look at this clothing collection. Filled with minimalist design elements the initial collection is strong. Our personal favorite is the MAGA hat parody ‘Give America Xans Again' which not only is beautiful in situational irony but also donates to a good cause. 100% of the proceeds from the hat will be split across the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NPR and the National Alliance for Mental Illness. Check out the pictures of some of the hottest items in the first clothing drop and do not delay and get your items today on pre-order via think link.


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