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A Letter from the Editor In Chief: Our Commitment To Feature Up and Coming Artists

To Our Loyal Readers,

This year has started off with a bang. New music seems to be coming from every corner of the dance music world. Older artists who have taken hiatus from the scene are returning, the top 100 still charges forward and of course inspiring producers everywhere keep the scene alive with their forward thinking productions. We have a gigantic fan base. Our readership comes from over 40 countries around the globe, and ranges from people just discovering the world of dance music to people who were fans long before we were even a twinkle in our Founder's eye. We have of course tried our absolute best to provide all of our readers with the most current News, new music, thought provoking editorials and of course entertaining content.

We know that we cannot make everyone happy. Some fans would like us to never report on Top 40 artists ever again, while some of our readers come to EDM Sauce exclusively for that. We have focused heavily on dance music news and popular artists who already have a very devoted fan base as this in turn drives more traffic to our site. This is ultimately the goal for any website, to have people visit. That being said we have polled a representative sample of our readership and asked what we could do to make EDM Sauce better than it currently is. One thing came up more than anything else – a desire to find out about more music that is not already heavily publicized. We have listened and we know, you all want more new, undiscovered music.

Dance music blogs that originally hit the scene like Chemical Jump were incredible resources for the EDM lover. They provided people a place to find new music that was not yet talked about. In the last three years specifically blogs have shifted from undiscovered music to more main stream music, gossip and rumors. We cannot say we are thrilled about this but in order to stay competitive in an ever increasing market we followed suite. Well that is about to change. We committing from this day forward to make sure 50% of the music that we cover is from artists who can be considered up and coming.

We initially were going to focus on artists with only under 2500 SoundCloud followers. We soon got great feedback helping us see that using only that parameter might be a limiting way to gauge artists. There is no easy way to determine who is still up and coming as many fans of EDM are already the best detectives and hear of new artists before even we do. That being said we will start to feature more artists who you might have never heard of – because we want to help provide our readers with the best music, not just the popular music. You can find all of the new music we write about through our EDM Sauce Collective Facebook Page, and the music from up and comers will be labeled as soon. I will finish by saying I appreciate all of our readers so very much, it is because of you that we strive to be the best, and work on this site day in and day out as a labor of love. We cannot wait to see what this new view on covering music will produce. If you have any suggestions, please email me personally.


Erik Mahal, Editor in Chief

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