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Australian Company Offers Up New Plan for Festival Security

Original story via Thump

One of the biggest issues that event organizers seem to struggle with is the presence of security and police within the grounds of their events. It seems that no matter the angle organizers attempt to address within this topic, fans are rarely ever satisfied. If a festival decides they are going to be more relaxed on security and allow attendees more freedom than the average event, people will be outraged if an attendee chooses to bring illegal substances into an event and security does not discover the substance; Especially if this leads to overdoses, deaths, hospital visits etc. However, if an event decides they are going to be radically more strict bringing in a larger police presence, people will dispute over the necessity of the controlling nature of the security. The golden area in the middle is what festivals strive for, but understandably, rarely are able to reach.

A new security company based out of Australia, is now attempting to solve the issue of festival security. In an anonymous interview, the owner of the company expanded upon his plan to utilize the power of drones in festival security. He posed the idea that drones give the opportunity to simultaneously provide strict and important festival security, while still allowing attendees to feel welcome and comfortable.

The overall concept in practice would be to have multiple drones flying over the festival grounds at all times, watching the crowds for signs of negative activity. If activity is spotted, those controlling the drones from a separate location can contact police or security inside of the event and allow them to take care of the problem. It would also provide crowd-goers the opportunity to report disturbing activity within the crowd if the drones cannot witness it. A festival goer could look up to the sky to get the attention of the drones and signal to them the area of distress. This would create a scenario where as in the first case, police or security would be able to check out the situation with efficiency.

There have been cases of overdosing, deaths, sexual assault, aggravated assault, theft, and many other serious crimes within festival grounds. This solution could be a sufficient means at attempting to prevent these awful acts from occurring. No one goes into a festival preparing themselves for these crimes to occur, festivals are a place that many go to find solace and peace away from the constant movement of every day life. Anything that would be able to help this issue is something that we as a community could be willing to support. Festivals should be places of safety and comfort.

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