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Former Editor Acussed of Using Vice Canada to Recruit Drug Smugglers

Former Music Editor of Vice Media, Yaroslav Pastukhov, has been accused of using the publishing company to recruit cocaine smugglers. Allegations of this crime have been addressed from current and former employees of the famous Canadian company. Potential recruiters were offered $10,000 to carry illegal cargo from Las Vegas to Australia.

One former recruiter, Jordan Gardner, now sits in a prison cell, along with three other Canadians and one American model. The five smugglers are currently awaiting sentencing after being caught smuggling cocaine at the Sydney Airpot. The illegal drugs were found hidden in the lining of their luggage. Four out of the five drug mules confessed to being guilty.

Jordan Gardner was once Pastukhov's roommate, who dreamt of becoming a big electronic music star. Pastukhov had supposedly threatened the potential DJ to make the trip to Australia.

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Allegations against the supposed criminal have yet to be proven in court. When contacted by the National Post, he had no interest in complying with the News blog.

Vice Canada ended their relationship with Pastukhov last February after raised concerns from some of its employees. Many employees have stated that the company never spoke about the reason for his departure nor did they investigate employee complaints. Others, however, have said that the company took action when they learned of the supposed allegations.

Many employees have shared some of their frightening experiences with the former editor. Several of them were led to believe that it would be some sort of freelance assignment but were, unfortunately, wrong.

Gardner and his co-accused currently await their trembling fate. Sentencing will take place next week for those who pleaded guilty. The maximum penalty will be life imprisonment. Gardner's Lawyer shared that Gardner won't allow anyone to gain such a horrible fate.

“I don’t fucking bullshit: these guys do not deserve what’s about to happen to them. He wants other people to know that he made a mistake and do not make the same mistake he made.”

“He’s thrown away a large portion of his life. He’s been in jail while his album has been released, by Èbony. All these opportunities have gone to waste.”

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