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Canadian Grandma Sentenced to Jail for Smuggling Drugs into the U.S.

Canadian Grandmother, Tina Howe, has been sentenced to jail for six years due to smuggling approximately 155,500 of ecstasy into the U.S. alone. In 2007, Howe, and partner, Maria Cooke, were on a highway close to the border of Washington when a hidden compartment along the roof of their mini-van busted open. This caused most of the ecstasy to scatter onto the highway. Pass by cars ran over many of the pills, causing a sort of pink and blue dust to take up the air. Howe was eventually caught for this crime, which led her to confess to two previous smugglings into the U.S.


Tina Howe claims that her reasoning for the smugglings was to save her son's life. She proclaims that her son owes drug traffickers large amounts of money. She believed that this was the only way to earn all the money needed for her son's freedom from the debt. Her daughter-in-law was in support of Howe's actions. “He wanted to get out of dealing and turn his life around, which led to people wanting him dead,” Howe's daughter-in-law said about her husband, “Yes, this is a crime, but it was also an act of trying to save her son’s life. Being a mother myself, I completely understand.”

Howe was released on bail before going into hiding for almost 10 years. She was eventually found, causing a trial to take place.

The grandmother pleaded guilty this past September. She has been sentenced to six years in jail for smuggling drugs into the State of Washington.


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