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Krimer Set to Anhilate Bassment Saturday’s @ Webster Hall This Weekend

The last two years have been extremely significant for bass music for many reasons, specifically the genre of dubstep. The last two years have signified a major shift in the genre and in its overall place in the dance music world. Over the last two years, bass music has seen a gigantic uprise in its popularity, and many who were staunchly house listeners have found their ways to the darker styles of electronic music. Many contribute this shift to a lack of genuine effort and originality in house music with the rise of big room, but what many don't give enough credit to is the rising class of young dubstep producers who have solidified the genre's diversity and given dubstep arguably the brightest future out of any genre within upcoming years.

Fans have accepted that while bass music giants such as 12th Planet, Excisionand Datsik are still at the height of their careers, they will not be able to continue their level of fame forever. There must come an end to their reigns, and that is where producers such as Dubloadz, Trollphaceand Midnight Tyrannosaurus have taken their role as the future of the genre. The big theme following the rise of a lot of producers right now is the simultaneous rise of the dubstep sub genre riddim. The producers we already named as the rising stars of the genre all got their start in the riddim community, and to this day still have relatively stuck to their original sounds, showing love to the community that has given them their shot at fame.

Another artist who belongs very high up in the ranks of rising producers is Canadian phenom Krimer. Krimer's specific sound is a perfect mixture of riddim influences, and production based on it's faster tempo, unorthodox drum patterns, and high energy. Lucky enough for dubstep fans on the East Coast, Krimer will be headlining Webster Hall's famous concert series Bassment Saturday's this weekend. The performance is sure to be one filled with diversity, passion, and lots of down and dirty bass. Not having the chance to see Krimer yet, our expectations are high, and we do not predict that he will disappoint us. Tickets are still available here, and doors open at 11pm on Saturday. Prepare to sweat until the sun rises NYC!



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