Drugs are a popular topic when it comes to the dance music scene. There are those who support the drug use, while there are others who oppose it. For those who choose to take these drugs, it is important that they are taken safely and in proper amounts.

Recently, the Trimbos Institue in Holland has issued a red alert on a new spread of pills being falsely labeled as ecstasy. This pill is pink and stamped with a superman logo on both sides. It is known to be life-threatening and to contain very high dosages of Paramethoxymethamphetamine (PMMA) and falsely advertised to contain MDMA. The Drugs Information and Monitoring System has run tests on these pills to prove that they are not truly what they are promised to be.


Trimbos explains that PMMA differs from MDMA in many ways, one being the time it takes for the drug to take full effect. The effects of PMMA aren't felt until much later than MDMA. It can also feel like a low dosage of MDMA, but severe side-effects can occur. Some of these side-effects are increased heart rate, extremely elevated body temperature, liver failure, and kidney failure. This drug is known to have killed four users in 2015. It is highly recommended that these pills are not taken or ingested.

Sophia Medina
Hey, I'm Sophia Medina and I'm 19-years-old. I go to Miami Dade College and I'm currently in the process of earning my English degree. I've loved EDM music since I was first introduced to it my sophomore year of high school. Since then you can pretty much find me at any music festival. I've been to so many that I actually lost count. My two favorite DJs are Seven Lions and Porter Robinson.
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